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Hoony 10 Dec
Khaile 28 Apr
PhaNToM 20 Oct
Mr.CleaN 24 Jun
RooS 31 Jul
Jude 19 Jun

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L33T WAR has Got a New Home   5 comments
Our all favourite game L33T WAR has now finally got its own home! Please visit There is also a new version available with computer-controlled players (though they are incredibly stupid at the moment). The nice thing about the computer players is that they can be replaced by just assigning another AI dll... and the AI source code is freely available so anybody can make their own bot :)

New L33T WAR   7 comments
I've finished the work on a new version of L33T WAR (version 1.4). It has received a face-lift (new graphics and special effects) and lots of other nice features (such as larger maps, ability to change map without restarting the game, a shield powerup etc etc).

I hope you enjoy this game... get it from

L33T WAR   12 comments
Hello everybody! I think it's time to update my column a little (it has been half a year now).

During the last couple of months I've been working and working and working. Our Dino game was just starting to look great when it was put into "hibernation mode" (no money, no fun). Instead we're working on a Xbox title now... rather boring actually.

Not surprisingly I've been working on my own small games too... Most of my efforts have been spent on a yet-to-be-released RPG called "Whispers in Akarra" (you can read more about that project at, but there's nothing playable yet), but also on other games.

One of these games is called "L33T WAR" and is a multiplayer game where two teams attempt to capture each other's bases (like CTF). It has very simple graphics and has simple gameplay too, but it's fun none-the-less. One feature that I think will please you hardcore freaks is that you can record and view replays! Get the game from Gamedev Showcase (I could've linked directly to the file, but I want hits on my download counter ;) ).

Hope you all have a happy life and enjoy my games! /me is looking forward to a L33T WAR section at CHTV ;)

So long, for now

// Khaile

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