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Q3A Review

Did id Software miss an opportunity to create the world's first true multiplayer FPS gaming title? It depends on whether or not you think the market is ready for such a thing. Since the market probably isn't ready, id Software probably didn't miss the opportunity :P.

As it is, id Software have created a game that stands next to UT as being better in some respects, and worse in others, but over-all it is very much in the same sort of category.

It could have been different, of course. I know it's easy to say that, but given the multiplayer Quake community that I have known for the past three years, it really could have been different. I'm NOT talking about making the game more like QW either.

What on earth am I talking about? Read on and find out. This won't be your typical review of Q3A - so don't expect a run-down on the maps, the weapons, the bots, the game-play etc. And excuse me if I sometimes place my tongue firmly in my cheek - can't help it, you see.

I'm going to argue that id Software (and, since they are very similar, Epic) have created a game that has inherent contradictions and actually creates obstacles for multiplayer gaming. Q3A will certainly take us all forward, but due to some of the design elements it will not be as quickly as it might have been.

It shouldn't surprise you that id Software could have done more. It's pretty well known that they are a very small "design house" that produce great game engines, models and design work but the games are usually "not quite finished" when they are released. Q3A is fully in this tradition, having been rushed out the door to compete with Unreal Tournament and make it in time for Xmas.

But what I am talking about is not that elements of the game remain "unfinished", I'm talking about certain contradictions that stem from the fact that Q3A is two games in one.

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