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OK, time to jump on the bandwagon once again against the nefarious activities of the incredibly EVIL ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. (ASUS) (Taiwan) (IRRESPONSIBLE COMPANY).

I thought we already went through all of this last year (around July 2000) when Riva 3D broke the news that ASUS were "exploring" transparency features. The resulting uproar appeared to work, as ASUS decided to withdraw two of the features included in their "3DseeThrough Technologies" driver.

However, just recently they're back at it again, probably because they spent too much money on development to let it go. Suddenly it's ground hog day once more with ASUS trying to pass off cheating as a way to "help novice players to have a faster learning curve in playing 3D games" and to "let skilled players to have a chance [sic] to test their skills with a new challenge".

They've got their dumb-assed poll up again and, when I checked it out only 4,353 people had voted, of which 88% said "NO" to ASUS. On the one hand, that's not a lot of people protesting. ASUS is a company with Annual Gross Sales Revenue of more than US$1,500 million. Each month, it sells over 1,000,000 mainboards, and 50,000 notebooks. On the other hand, 88% is a large majority, and they will *hopefully* recognise that the costs still outweigh the benefits of proceeding.

Even so, get over there and tell them what you think of them and here's another petition (thx XSReality). When I signed, there were 12,275 angry gamers.

So what else can you do? Well, unless they wake up and begin acting properly and responsibly, boycott every ASUS product you might have buying power over. Someone said - "but this doesn't concern motherboards does it?". TOO RIGHT IT DOES. This concerns EVERY ASUS product:

- Motherboards
- Notebooks
- GeForce cards, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs
- Servers
- Modems
- The 'Booksize' PC
- SCSI/LAN Cards
- Accessories (3D Glasses, TV Box/Remote Controller etc)

Boycott them all. What's more, ASUS might not be aware of it but many serious online gamers are by now IT Professionals and in charge of the company IT budget. Loads of gamers work for ISPs, tech companies, and in the IT departments of large companies. If you are in this position, feel free to email ASUS and inform them that you are inclined to boycott their products in future unless they act responsibly.

Use your persuasive powers to convince your fellow IT Professionals and gamers that ASUS stinks. If you go to a LAN or play in an online league, spread the word that using ASUS is the "sign of the cheater". If anyone asks you for your opinion on a good motherboard, tell them that ASUS unfortunately do not deserve to considered. The smell of cheating has turned the name of ASUS into a steaming pile of poo.

Spread the word: ASUS have lost face in a BIG WAY with online gamers and the demographic of gamers is NOT just kids any longer. So much for being a responsible company. Until they change their ways, boycott them.

I saw that Tony Ray over at Punkbuster has "declared war on ASUS". Punkbuster now includes "the ASUS Cheat (PunkBuster violation #113)". Tony also reports that game developers (alongside gamers, those most directly impacted by this ASUS crap) are not that keen to publically criticise ASUS:

"PunkBuster is trying (so far with little success) to get game designers to unite together in order to present a strong, clear message to Asus to "Quit messing with the online game communities". The game designers are (off the record of course) afraid to publicly criticize Asus because of "existing business relationships". I guess it's ok for Asus to rip their software products apart but it's not ok to publicly stand up to Asus for their bad behavior. Last I checked, Asus is a 1.5 Billion dollar corporation ... I wonder how much of that goes to the games industry to leave Asus alone regarding their destructive tactics. The losers are the "little guy" gamers who spend their hard earned money and their valuable time competing daily online only to see the level playing field and competition get flushed so Asus can see their stock go up".

If someone out there wants to make a button with something like "BOYCOTT ASUS" and "COALITION AGAINST ASUS CHEATING" then I will be very happy to stick it somewhere prominant on Challenge.WORLD. I think all gaming websites involved with online gaming and competition have to take the strongest possible stand and fight this irresponsible company. The more websites that display a protest the better, and a button would be a simple but highly visible (and hence effective) means to do so. If you feel strongly about this issue and maybe the Challenge Network can help in some way.

See-Through Drivers and Asus SUCK ASS for ever offering them to anyone, thus allowing them to be leaked. Truly a sad day in the hardware/gaming community. Not much else to say, except I hope that they are not improved upon." Kyle Bennett, Hard OCP.

As most of you know, the truth is that ASUS already fucked us over with the "leaked" drivers they "removed" last year. The drivers spread over the Internet and AFAIK even the new ones can be "hacked" reasonably easily if you know how.

Bear in mind that the company is Taiwan-based so if you want to complain direct to them use language about "losing face" and "being irresponsible". There are three main divisions, so if you live in the neighbourhood why not organise a protest march! Seriously, get together some CS clans, as they are mostly affected at the moment, and go down there and protest loudly outside the front gate. Call the local media and especially the gaming-related press. Just don't do anything illegal or dangerous because in real life - you don't respawn.

And don't try and h4x0r your way into the ASUS mainframe to delete all of the companies mission-critical files, as that will land you in jail for many many years. ASUS are bound to have world-class anti-hacker protection anyway, so I imagine that any elite hacker group out there who considered ASUS fair game would never be able to penetrate their defences. There's no way that I would ever condone hacking the ASUS web-page, for example, or launching highly illegal DOS attacks and the like. That sort of "cyber-warfare" is not what the online gaming community is about.

Address: 150 Li-Te Road, Peitou, Taipei, Taiwan 112 R.O.C.
Tel: +886-2-2894-3447
Fax: +886-2-2894-3449
Address: 6737 Mowry Avenue, Mowry Business Center Building 2, Newark, CA 94560, U.S.A.
Tel: +1-510-739-3777
Fax: +1-510-608-4555
Address: Harkortstr. 25, 40880 Ratingen, Germany
Tel: +49-2102-95990
Fax: +49-2102-442066

UPDATE: For some counter-views, see also discussion on

OK are reporting that Asus has "decided" to delete the cheat part from their future driver versions. However, they also write:

[M]aybe it's too late to stop cheating among Asus buyers. The company already distributed drivers with the cheat code in them and these drivers (version 12.x) can be used with the newest GeForce 2 MX and GeForce 3 video cards. They will probably circulate around the web as long as they work with current high-end cards and current DirectX versions. And the cheating detection as explained by Chien in his mail, can be disabled by a skilled programmer. So probably Asus opened the Pandora box and now faces a gamer's nightmare it can't stop anymore.

I didn't realise ASUS had actually released the cheating drivers this time (I knew they did last time). This puts a different complexion on things. I have to agree with godsmurf over at Clanbase that this has been a cynical manipulation of online gamers all along. It is my firm belief that ASUS always intended to release the cheating drivers, "unofficially", and this whole "poll" and "removal" stuff is just a sham designed to advertise the fact.

What really makes me angry is this quote by ASUS from The Register:

"There are three special weapons for ASUS VGA cards' users -- Transparent View, Wireframe View, and Extra Light. If you do not have an ASUS VGA card -- be careful! Never compete in the 3D games with anyone who has an ASUS VGA card. Because the only result is to loose (sic)."

So, with even more reason than before, the boycott stands. BOYCOTT ASUS!. Spread the word. Make them pay.

*clap* *clap*
Comment #1 by on 13:14, Thursday, 17 May 2001
Absolutely right!

it's a simple equation for asus:
Comment #2 by on 13:14, Thursday, 17 May 2001
people not buying their product because of it: - 3 hardcore gamers and their dogs
people buying their product because of it: + 3 million eager cs newbies
= $$$$$$$$

Comment #3 by on 13:24, Thursday, 17 May 2001
well I certainly won't be buying their products not will I have a good word to say about them to anybody unless they stop

Comment #4 by on 14:03, Thursday, 17 May 2001
lol just saw godsmurf also calls for a boycott over on Clanbase

for once I agree with godsmurf.

right on!
Comment #5 by on 17:54, Thursday, 17 May 2001
America hates ASUS! :P

For Sure
Comment #6 by on 18:10, Thursday, 17 May 2001
We spend all our time trying to prevent cheating and asus screw us over in one easy lesson (FLAMEASUS)

Comment #7 by on 21:05, Thursday, 17 May 2001
I honestly don't think it's going to be very effective to simply vote in a (probably going to be ignored again) online poll.

A far more effective deterrant IMO would be if players using Asus drivers could be banned (a server-side option, like a pure server,) or otherwise prevented from joining a game server.

Would innocent players be affected? Yep. Very likely. But, like unpure servers it would still be very easy to find another game on another server.

What this would eventually do is to give Asus both the reputation of being a 'cheater', and a 'banned from serious online play' product. How would it be for someone to walk into a Babbages/EB store and ask about an Asus video card, only to be told "It's an OK card but a lot of Quake and CS servers wont let you join if you use it. Check out this OTHER card with the same chipset..."

Of course, we'd first need for some nice programmer types to actually implement this :)))

Comment #8 by on 22:41, Thursday, 17 May 2001

Tony Ray (the programmer of PunkBuster, says he would licence the detection routine to ANYONE who wants it, for $1 (one dollar, right). So there you have it :)

Comment #9 by on 11:02, Friday, 18 May 2001

Comment #10 by on 18:21, Friday, 18 May 2001
Makes me want to tear the Asus sticker off the front of my case...
Its not even the vid card (A7V mobo) but i am still unhappy about this whole mess.
As if it wasn't bad enough we have to fight some punk kids who think "ch33t5 r00l d00d!!!!?!?!?(#*()@#*$" but now we have to deal with an international company who (apparently) thinks the same thing...

Thanks Asus, for mucking up something that didn't belong to you.

Comment #11 by on 21:08, Friday, 18 May 2001

world class anti hacker protection.

Comment #12 by on 05:07, Saturday, 19 May 2001
Fuckers. Well i'm telling everyone i know about this shit.

The best way to hurt them...
Comment #13 by on 08:51, Saturday, 19 May 2001
Is to get retailers and resellers to stop selling them. I personally work for an online retailer, and I'd be a liar if I didn't say my boss would probably still sell these to make a buck.

But I'm still going to tell him about this stuff, I might convince him to drop the Asus line of products (the video cards at least).

Target your local MOM & POP computer store, and the chain stores in your town/city. Tell them you won't buy from them if they keep selling products made by a known corrupt company.

When the retailers start losing business, then Asus will start losing business.

In the end, it's all business.

Comment #14 by on 20:28, Saturday, 19 May 2001
"I didn't realise ASUS had actually released the cheating drivers this time" - Someone doesnt read CHTV news and I wonder who.. Two posts and no one notices! :-)

I say in this case, two strikes and your out. And in this case, ASUS has struck out twice.

BTW, ASUS has refused to respond on the matter when I got a hold of them a week or two ago. Nice eh? It's like a conspiracy gone bad or something :P

Not Impressed
Comment #15 by on 14:21, Monday, 21 May 2001
And quite upsettedly so. I own an Asus motherboard, and I have always liked their products.

While such a feature would be cool for games where it would not induce cheating from players, I can not agree with it on the FPS online community aspect.

Hoony, I happen to work in IT for one of Australia's largest telco's, and I can assure you that when I get to work tomorrow, I will certainly be forwarding this URL to everyone I know who are concerned about these issues.

ASUS - persona non grata
Comment #16 by on 05:48, Monday, 28 May 2001
I play Counter Stike heaps and hate all the cheating that goes on. At one stage I thought - well, I may as well join them and try and beat them at their own game, but all that did was destroy the way I like playing a brilliant game and make me feel like my victories were empty.

Can you imagine if stuff like this went on in a similar way within a real world sport like soccer, rugby or american football?

People would die!

At the heart of it, the saddest thing is that it is one of our own that has betrayed us - a gamer. Can you imagine some big ASUS exec coming up with the idea or concept to let people see though walls in a game?

Shame on the programmers at ASUS that let this happen. It's not the plans for a nuclear bomb, but it still is smart people not thinking about the implications to their cleverness in the hands of the wrong people. And greedy ones at that.

ASUS - consider yourself persona non grata.

Comment #17 by on 12:28, Saturday, 30 June 2001

Comment #18 by on 06:26, Monday, 02 July 2001
I was going to by a asus mother board until I posted a thread on xsreality...and most of the guys I got reply's from told me plain and simple...don't give these dogs a sale of any kind. and after what has been said here, I tend to agree.....big time!!. all cheats should be hanged.

Why do ya'll care for Asus anyways....
Comment #19 by on 16:03, Monday, 17 September 2001
They've never done any neats.....

i guess these are the proper manufactors:
ELSA //nvidia
"creative now and then.."
*though i find them suitable.

Comment #20 by on 00:09, Monday, 18 March 2002
My little overheated flock. My we are a self-centered little lot arn't we. I bet we don't even like Bill Gates in this brood either.
Well, I'm going to have to stand up for ASUS here, reason being, big corporations need love too. So you think that ASUS caused a bunch of overactive gamers to cheat and then they won against you. How about taking two steps back and looking at how that sounds. I could cynically go on for forever about it, but just one point here, arn't the gamers that cheat the guilty party, not the manufacturer of the motherboards. Give me a freakin break you whiney little twits.

Comment #21 by on 06:45, Thursday, 10 October 2002
ehhmm... director... so you're saying something like:
its not my fault for selling drugs to school kids... its them who's buying it, so im innocent?

wake up, man. the supplier of the goods is just as guilty as the user.

so give US a break, you self-righteous dork.

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