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Help Wanted

Want to Get Involved?   1 comment
The Challenge Network is a worldwide living community of serious gamers. We are always looking for new contributors for our many sites and projects. Would you like to contribute to our growing and dynamic network? Find where you fit in best, and drop a line to the appropriate email.

Writers: Almost every Country and Regional Challenge site could use a dedicated new news poster. If you don't know some of the staff already, there will probably be a trial period where you submit well-written topics by email to see if you pass muster, and it would also help if you "specialize" in a particular area you are involved in. Contact site managers for specific needs and requirements.

Columnists: Every site also needs columnists! Columnists are generally expected to be very active and respected in the gaming scene, be good writers, and can give an "insider's" perspective which people want to read about. If you think you can meet these requirements, contact the site manager for where you would like to contribute.

Project/Subsection leaders: If you have a great idea for a new league or section you think one of the network sites can't go without, let the site manager know. For example, many sites are on the lookout for a new cs subsite or for a league to support. You should have some prior experience doing what you propose and working for a web site.

Artists: Our designs have to come from somewhere, and the artists which contribute to challenge come from every continent, but there is always more to be done! Whether your specialty is site design, graphics, buttons, or skins and textures for mods, please contact us. Please be ready to show some samples of your work.

PHP Programmers: Boy, could we use some more programmers! Across the network there are probably 100,000+ lines of code feeding off a database with over 30 tables for everything from our News Updater to the Player Index. There are many, many projects from basic to complicated on multiple services on the network, and we're always open to new and exciting ideas. Prior experience is a must.

Biz People: The primary focus of the Challenge Network isn't money, but we would like to be able to cover our costs and pay our country managers and key staff, so that we can devote more time to content and projects that everyone can enjoy. To do that we need to sell advertising and/or find site sponsors, or sell stuff, or do something commercial. This is a very senior role within Challenge so we're looking for somebody with prior experience and the right skills. Bear in mind the Challenge Network is "non-commercial" in style and we aren't a bunch of hard-nosed capitalists. Preferably, you would live in the US or Europe.

Contact and/or for more info.

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