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Who Are We?   1 comment
There are a lot of people in the Challenge network, from all over the world. This section will give you an opportunity to meet some of them, and to get to know the person behind the "nick".

Each person who is profiled is sent a standard set of questions, but they are free to write their own profile as they see fit. At the end, they are asked to provide three preferences for the next person to be profiled. The only rule is that the people they choose cannot be from the same country site as the person profiled.

  • Marie - CHFR - France - June 2000.

    My name is Marie Fabre, I am 28, single, and I live in Paris, France. (learn French here). I work as an international civil servant in Paris, and amongst other things I look after two main French Quake internet sites (Quake-FR and Challenge-FR of course!), I am a cyber-maniac and live a real real-life(tm)..


    Asked who she would like to see profiled next, Marie chose Griff from CHEU ... coming soon.

  • Hoony - CHWD - World - May 2000.

    My name is Richard Sandlant, Iím 38, married with a baby girl, and I live in Sydney, Australia. For the past eight months or so Iíve been looking after our little girl at home and working on Challenge stuff in my spare time. If youíve ever had a child to look after, youíll know ďspare timeĒ is a relative term.


    Asked who he would like to see profiled next, Hoony chose Marie from CHFR ... coming soon.

  • GianT - CHEU - Germany - March 2000.

    My name is Marco Mayer and Iím from Bruchsal near Heidelberg in germany. I listen to Jungle/DrumíNíBass for ages now and my lifestyle is still the junglist-style. I skated for 2-3 years but quited it because of some accidents I had and nowadays I donít do much sports. Sometimes I go out and play basketball with some friends but not very often. My non-gaming hobbies are listening to music, watching movies and going out with friends. As mentioned before I like Jungle (LTJ Bukem for example) and Drum N Bass. When I want to relax I listen to trip hop or ambient music, just sit back and do nothing or watch a movie. I currently do an education as IT-Professional.


    Asked who he would like to see profiled next, GianT chose... Hoony (damn!).

  • Judge Dredd - CHBR - Brazil - February 2000.

    Well, my name is Daniel Michaelsen (its Danish) and I live at south Brazil, about 10.000 miles or more from Miami, the city where I live is known like Gramado and tourism around here is the main business. For now I work as a freelancer and earn about U$100 per month, no you don't need to jump out of your chair, its Brazil, its nice. I play basketball about 7 years, I'm 20 now, I would like to play american football and baseball too but nobody even knows what it means here. For hobbies and stress relax I get the classic ones, poker, drink and chicks, what else damn?

    I like to write mixing the virtual world with the real world, the real life, and try to show to everyone that while we look for this as fun, we are going to remain looking for this as fun, a recent good and great example of this are the X-Games.


    Asked who he would like to see profiled next, Judge Dredd's three choices were ... coming soon.

  • Ard Righ - CHNZ - New Zealand - January 2000.

    My life is rather boring. You don't want to know. Seriously ;o) Skip down to the gaming parts :oP

    Those people that have known me since I started in the online world back in '96 know me as Dagan (my true RL first name). If anyone asks me for my name, I always say simply Dagan.

    I live in the Hutt Valley, on the northern edge of Wellington Harbour, in the Wellington region of New Zealand (ok, find the atlas, find NZ, spot the bottom of the North Island, that spot that says "Wellington", and put your finger on the northern edge of the harbour. That's where the Hutt Valley is ;o))


    Asked who he would like to see profiled next, Ard Righ's three choices were Earthworm Jim from CHIE, JudgeDredd from CHBR, and Zombie from CHRU.

  • Trixie - CHUS - United States - January 2000.

    Hello World! My name is Veronica Dore`, but all my friends call me "Vee". I am a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and a resident of the world renown Vieux Carre` or French Quarter. My family has been involved in the oil-field technology industry for two generations , and recently began dabbling in the hotel/hospitality field in New Orleans. I work as accountant for the family biz {from home} and it's quite boring as you can imagine.

    I am often asked what I like to do in my spare time. Unfortunately I never have a compelling answer, because "this" is what I do in my spare time...


    Asked who she would like to see profiled next, Trixie's three choices were Ard Righ from CHNZ, dta from CHEU, and DlooB from CHFR.

  • Dekko - CHZA - South Africa - December 1999.

    My name is Taryn Davies (aka dekko), I am 22 years old, I am a writer on Challenge.ZA (the proud South African addition to the challenge network) and an self-proclaimed Q2 addict. I live in Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and enjoy the most awesome view of the infamous Table Mountain from over the top of my monitor. I work in the IT industry as a System Engineer but have got formal training in Journalism and Media studies as writing is one of my passions...


    Asked who she would like to see profiled next, Dekko's three choices were Kulprit from CHUS, Trixie from CHUS, and Hoony from CHWD.

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