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Hello, my name is Trixie... ? comment
Hello World! My name is Veronica Dore, but all my friends call me "Vee". I am a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and a resident of the world renown Vieux Carre` or French Quarter. My family has been involved in the oil-field technology industry for two generations , and recently began dabbling in the hotel/hospitality field in New Orleans. I work as accountant for the family biz {from home} and it's quite boring as you can imagine.

I am often asked what I like to do in my spare time. Unfortunately I never have a compelling answer, because "this" is what I do in my spare time. I love Internet culture and technology. I enjoy reading/creating personal home pages, designing graphics and coding HTML languages and Java Script. I love to write. I enjoy perusing other sites on the net which cover a variety of topics from women's issues to PC hardware, travel and "real-life" news. I follow the web design field closely too. Some of my favorite sites include A List Apart, Salon Magazine,, Slashdot, Maxi Magazine, Bud, Smug, Tom's Hardware and CamWorld.

In addition to the time spent at Challenge-US and with my clan, the Atomic Punks, I belong to a Mardi Gras Carnival Organization, which spends all year building floats for our annual parade on Mardi Gras Day and preparing for a Carnival Ball. I am also involved with the Junior League, a patio gardening club and volunteer {as often as I can} at the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals {LSPCA} and the Save Louisiana Wetlands Organization. All in all it keeps me pretty busy. I also like to cook if the mood strikes, but not enough to make anyone think I am going to do it very often.

I started writing on Challenge-Us when Kulprit asked me to tweak the colors in the Cascading Style Sheet used for the site. Things kind of snowballed from there. I like to cover Quake Deathmatch events because that's where my interests as a reader lie. As hard as I try to steer clear of "grrrrl" gamer stuff, I get asked to write something on it 9-10 times. I am making a concerted effort to add to my overall repertoire, by doing map reviews {which I have a passion for} and maybe even some 1 v 1 and teamplay game commentary. I would love to do some live match coverage at a huge LAN in streaming audio/video. Hint, Hint.

On Quake

The handle I use for Quake matches is "Trixie". I have tons of aliases that I use at other times: Devi, vee, piehole, mothra, eve, shrimp and gherkin. Trixie came about through my dedication to the Japanese anime Speed Racer on the Cartoon Network. I tried hard to think of something fierce, but all of the good classic female names { like those associated with Greek/Roman mythology} were already taken. I was getting ready to try out for a clan and I needed a name on the fly, so I settled on Trixie.

I am such a dedicated player {joke!} that I have two gaming rigs. My "leet" setup involves a 9.1GB ULTRASTAR 7200RPM ULTRA WIDE SCSI Harddrive, P3-550 CPU, 256 RAM; ASUS AGP V3800 series TnT2Ultra Videocard, ASUS P3B-F Motherboard, Diamond Monster Sound MX300 Audiocard , Sony MDR V-600 headphones, Microsoft Intellimouse, and Large Everglide AttackPad. My Internet connection is adsl which equates to 1.5 Mbps downstream and 256 Kbps upstream. My second machine is P2-333, 128 PC-100 ram, 8.0 Seagate Harddrive, Creative Labs TNT Video and an Internal US Robotics ISDN modem. It also has 56k in case I need to play in a HPB match.

The Quake scene in the United States is huge {as you all know}and becoming more organized on a daily basis. With the startup of organizations like the CPL, i2e2, QIL and, the community is becoming more focused on the competitive aspect of the game. I have no clue as to whether this trend will attract more players to the game or disenfranchise people. It will certainly be interesting to see how it turns out. I do think, however , we are going to see more global competition in the near future as players and teams travel from continent to continent and compete for cash prizes.

In regard to my Quake playing "record", I really don't have one. The only one vs. one tournament I ever participated in was PGL Season4, where I qualified for the single elimination{round of 64} but was owned in the first round by Kruez of Ruthless Bastards/Clan GIB. I have played a lot of TeamDM in Quake, Quake2 and Quake3 with my former clan QGirlz.We always did pretty well but were never able to take it to the next level in the overall Quake scene. However, I would definitely say that our talent and teamplay surpassed that of any other all-female clan.

I hope to make my mark with Q3A. It seems to be the right balance for my style in terms of blending elements/feel from Q1 & Q2 . I was always at ease using the Q2 railgun and like most people I preferred the Q1 Rocket Launcher, so I am happy to see them both in one game. As mentioned before, I am now a member of Atomic Punks, which has more members in my geographic area than QGirlz did. Hopefully I will get my game together enough so I feel like I am contributing to an already well-established, highly skilled clan.

My favorite Q3A maps are Q3DM5 & Q3Tourney4 for 1 on 1; Q3DM6 and Q3DM7 for teamplay. I didn't get in to any game modifications other than Q2 Rocket Arena, which was a short-lived phase. My favorite demo of all time is a QW demo of Kornelia vs Reptile on ZTNDM5. My favorite players are Thresh and Unholy.

To hear more from Trixie, be sure to visit Challenge.US.

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