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Hello, my name is Judge Dredd... ? comment
Well, my name is Daniel Michaelsen (its Danish) and I live at south Brazil, about 10.000 miles or more from Miami, the city where I live is known like Gramado and tourism around here is the main business. For now I work as a freelancer and earn about U$100 per month, no you don't need to jump out of your chair, its Brazil, its nice. I play basketball about 7 years, I'm 20 now, I would like to play american football and baseball too but nobody even knows what it means here. For hobbies and stress relax I get the classic ones, poker, drink and chicks, what else damn?

I like to write mixing the virtual world with the real world, the real life, and try to show to everyone that while we look for this as fun, we are going to remain looking for this as fun, a recent good and great example of this are the X-Games.

I read lots of things, but just to be up-to-date, what I really like and enjoy to read are hardcore players pages and articles where they are able to show you the underworld of the games, all those tricks without any explanation.

There is not much to say about my nick, I watched the movie and did like Dredd himself, but the movie isn't a great deal. And I am just waiting the chance to buy lots of Dredd comics.

My current computer holds a Voodoo 1, 1 MB video card, Pentium 166, 33.600 kbs modem, 32 MB ram, its almost this you need to live inside the world of quake, my controls are set in a Logitech mouse and a common keyboard.

I started working with Challenge-Brazil after I discovered about 8 months ago a site called Challenge.AU, and in the same time a guy named Hoony, so I sent an email about my tournament and on the other day Hoony had posted about that on his homepage, that was the first time a guy outside Brazil did that for me, so hurry I realized Hoony was here to make something serious, to earn respect. Then later I call him again and told my tournament had an English version and he said "I created Challenge-Brazil just for you man :) I also see you are already a columnist there :) post there so".

Around here the things are tight-knit, and very well split, you rarely will see a quaker playing regular quake and quakeworld and less yet a player playing two different games, but we get other communities like Starcraft, Quake 2, Quake 3, Half-Life (CS and TFC) and QW Team Fortress, from these ones Quake 2 and QW Team Fortress are the largest one.

Nowadays just a high skilled player remained from the 96's times, Carlos from the Lords of War clan, if you take a look at his curriculum you will see just legendary clans filling his profile, clans we have Lords of War that come since the early days of 96 also in the short Duke Nukem era, but still very nice in the top of the tournaments, RS Terminators is the other main power clan around here and of course ClanBrazil, they are 100% quakers. The events (the big ones) are based on QuakeNet, Bojao and
Choosing a landmark is easy, Rio de Janeiro, it's beaches and night will definitively never disappoint you.

Players are many, from the QN era we got Loy, Edu, MatapatO, Jicksat, Chemical and Carlos of course, for now there are lots of up coming stars but the most featured are Carlos, Simpsons, Kobain, Syrius, Twilight, Rider and others, Rider is turning into some kind of human highlight film, he is bad, and Carlos is one of the few native players who is able to control the qw strafe jumping magic. Clans there aren't too many, perhaps the National Quake Association is an easy place to get up-to-date with the present hardcore front. For events I must say the same thing, QuakeNet and Bojao.

You can find more at kingMOB (daily news), Unigames (great quake forum), Darkside (huge qw team fortress forum), Slipgate (clans scene), BR Specz (quake news), Warlocks Games Files (lots of gaming files) and few more, all in portuguese, in English just the Challenge.BR is up bringing the basic ones.

I currently play Classic Quake Teamplay, FFA, 1 on 1, Arena, CTF, Fortress, Painkeep and many others, but Threewave still the most beautiful, also some ZDoom rocks too.

I have been playing them since they arrived here, what I really like about them is the doubtless need of a advanced speed reasoning and also too much ability with the hands and fingers and fists but without any doubt what keeps me here is simply that Classic Quake is a science and like any other science you have an infinite way to explore and discover and appreciate and of course, to love.
The classic war game Total Annihilation gets me very well entertained in a multi player match, also Grand Theft Auto means lot of fun and I love games 100% AD&D like Baldur's Gate.

I belong to extinguished and legendary clan Red Label, as I fought a long time to join them and some months later the clan was over I decided to stand the Red Label as a "one man clan", what the hell so...

I don't play much competitively. I played 3 or 4 games on my own tournament in 97 and lost all of them, but with my connection not even Sujoy would be able to do something.

Personally I like most Capture the Flag style, I think FFA is just for fun, Team Play is a hard one and 1 on 1 I believe is different, because if you become to be a 1 on 1 master automatically you will be able to turn yourself in a master of any other game play much easier.
I prefer pure gameplay, where I believe flags doesn't mean a mod.

I like very much like the regular Quake levels from Episode 4, Painkeep is a damn nice mod, of course the Holy Mighty Rocket Launcher.

I don't have one favourite moment in gaming, the QIL 1st Season Finals, Rapture 99, TGI are some of my favourites.

In gaming I always admired sCary from the Shugashack, but then one day he did a trip to Id Software and when returned left definitively the QuakeWorld scene, that let me very disappointed since... Nitrium and Bhaal in non-gaming, Nitrium from the Stomped team teach me almost everything I know about computers software and Bhaal helps me for long time with my tournament.

If you have any feedback about this profile, please contact , or .

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