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Hello, my name is GianT...   3 comments
My name is Marco Mayer and Iím from Bruchsal near Heidelberg in Germany. I listen to Jungle/DrumíNíBass for ages now and my lifestyle is still the junglist-style. I skated for 2-3 years but quited it because of some accidents I had and nowadays I donít do much sports. Sometimes I go out and play basketball with some friends but not very often. My non-gaming hobbies are listening to music, watching movies and going out with friends. As mentioned before I like Jungle (LTJ Bukem for example) and Drum N Bass. When I want to relax I listen to trip hop or ambient music, just sit back and do nothing or watch a movie. I currently do an education as IT-Professional.

I like it to write about tournaments and scene-news. I also like it to do interviews with other players or to write about off-topic things that happened at work or on the way home for example.

I mostly like it to read about gaming-events or big events like CPL-News. I also read column-updates very often cause thatís often more interesting that those regular news :) I currently only read books about C++, TCP/IP etc. in the past I loved it to read Steven King books.

5 Years ago I started DJing (Jungle/DrumíNíBass) and needed a DJ-Name. Iím quiet tall so I thought GianT would be the perfect nick. So I was known as DJ-GianT and maybe someone who reads this has an old mix-tape of me somewhere :) When I started gaming it wasnít difficult to find a nick, I just overtook GianT and Iím still using it.

I currently play Quake 3 Arena because it has sadly become the standard in pro-gaming. Sometimes I still watch QuakeWorld demos or play some online-games on DM4 but to 99% I play Quake 3 Arena. I move on WASD, space to jump, mouse1 +attack, mouse2 +speed and mouse3 +zoom. I currently use a wingman gaming mouse with an everglide pad.

I started to work in the Challenge-Network when Griff asked me to. I started my column at challenge-eu and wrote some articles1 on challenge-eu.

There are a lot of players in Germany, especially new players who started with Quake 3 Arena. Most people that I know are friendly but of course there are also some really stupid people on servers. Most people in Germany can be found on irc-net ( for example) in #quake.ger.

The most known German clan without a doubt is SK (schroet kommando ) and other good clans are OCR and EA. Currently I think the best Quake 3 players are SK-Kane/ Griff/ DocSnyder, OCR|Slinger and NeoK. There are a lot of other good players but it would take too long to mention all :)

Thereís one player that I think should get more recognition and thatís Venture who still plays QuakeWorld. He should have been invited to TGI and he definitly is one of the best QW-Players out there. I donít think that there are any Q3-Players that should be more known.

Good websites are Splatterworld and (my own site). But both pages are in English so maybe youíll find some infos on

I currently only play Quake 3 and sometimes QuakeWorld (rocks).

Iíve been playing QuakeWorld for 3 years now and I still think itís the perfect game. It simply ownz and there will never again be such a great game. I play Quake 3 Arena because it has become the standart for tournaments etc. but I donít like it very much.

Starcraft is popular in Germany and I also spent some hours on it. Itís really a good game but gets boring after a while.

I play in clan Demonic Core which is a UK-Clan.

I played in a lot of tournaments, mostly teamplay and DC did very well in UKCL and other leagues. Until now I won every LAN-Tournament in Quake 3 and also won some prizes (ca. 1200$).

In QuakeWorld I prefered TeamPlay but Teamplay in Quake 3 is totally stupid so play 1on1s most time. I donít like CTF or TeamFortress very much. I like pure gameplay, but I loved QW-Rocket-Arena .)

My favorite map is DM3 (abandoned base) for Teamplay and DM4 for 1on1s. In Quake 3 I think Tourney2 is the best 1on1 map and I donít have a favorite TP-map (they are all shit).

I think the best event ever was TGI. A lot of great players and great games.

I admire those people who build up the Quake-Community. I think hoony, methos and all those US-people did a really good job. I also have a lot of respect from those 9-guys that decided to do gaming as a job.

And the person that Giant chose to profile next, is Hoony :-ř.

If you have any feedback about this profile, please contact , or .

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