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Hoony 10 Dec
Khaile 28 Apr
PhaNToM 20 Oct
Mr.CleaN 24 Jun
RooS 31 Jul
Jude 19 Jun

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TShaCha[g&p] vs n[g&p] on CPM1   16 comments
This is a really nice demo sent by Lars. Some nice weapon combos and rail flick shots! Itís a real non-stop action game.

Download [0.6MB]

DieharD-r3v vs. a|citizen on CPM3   1 comment
a|citizen goes 200/200 after getting 1 quick frag. He then goes on to get another frag and DieharD-r3v pays a visits to the lava gods two times. a|citizen goes on a nice frag spree with a very impressive mid-air shaft to rl combo and a telefrag. DieharD-r3v gets a couple of frags but a|citizen just comes back with a couple of his own and keeps the frag count to a pretty big margin. Out of nowhere, DieharD-r3v becomes a monster and shows a|citizen why he won QuakeCon. He goes on to get a platoon of frags, but will this be enough to come back from such a big deficit? Find out by downloading the demo:

Download [0.8MB]

DieharD-r3v vs. a|citizen on Skullduggery   comment
DieharD-r3v gets a nice start with 4 frags. It seems that DieharD-r3v has everything under control until a|citizen does a real nice surprise attack when DieharD-r3v comes out of the teleporter. DieharD-r3v comes right back to get a couple more frags to give himself an even better lead, but a|citizen comes back and does another nice surprise attack. This time, itís a|citizen that comes out of the teleporter to surprise DieharD-r3v and score a frag. a|citizen then proceeds to nail DieharD-r3v with a couple spawn frags in a hasty fashion. Then DieharD-r3v pulls a frag, but a|citizen comes right back within seconds and frags the wounded DieharD-r3v and continues with a frag spree. The game turns out to be a very close match! Does a|citizen make a great comeback or does time run out before he can up DieharD-r3v in frag count? Download the demo to find out!

Download [0.8MB]

Get skullduggery right here on CHWD: Download Skullduggery

Getting MH on DM13 w/o touching MH floor   1 comment
This is a trick to getting the MH on DM13 without hitting the ground where the MH lies. This might be very useful when you are being chased. Iím not sure if this is Pro Mode exclusive because I refuse to play any vq3 ;-]

Download [0.1MB]

DM6 RL to Rail jump.   1 comment
Viet shows us that the RL to RG jump is possible in this short demo (I would like to note that it's possible to do it the other way, RG to RL). On another note: I would like to say that I appreciate getting trick demoís, and I hope they keep coming, but I would like to stress that Iím really looking for more Dual, TeamDM, and CTF demoís. So if you have one you would like to share, please contact me. Thanks.

Download [0.1MB]

Exodus CPM4 *Updated* Tricks   3 comments
I have to give mad props to Exodus for finding out all these *useful* tricks. This demo shows that Pro Mode physics add so much more freedom to make up *useful* tricks. I will let Exodus take it from here: This is a demo that I made after long hours of practicing various tricks with the new CPM mod. This one [as opposed to the other Exodus demo] has some more tricks and are a little more useful.

Download [0.4MB]

Exodus CPM4 Tricks   11 comments
Exodus shows us some really neat and useful tricks. From what I have seen in this demo, I must say that 'tricks' are back in the Quake series. These are not even all the tricks that lay hidden in the map, but from what I can see, CPM4 coupled with Pro Mode has more 'useful' tricks then all the vq3 maps combined!! I canít wait to see more from this map!

Download [0.3MB]

DieharD-r3v on CPM3 (Use and Abuse)   25 comments
DieharD-r3v (POV) plays Cynik (clan Knightmare) in a fun 7-frag game on jude's new map, q3jdm10. It's the first demo I've seen on this new map, by the creator of the popular q3jdm8a, and what a great player to show us what the gameplay on CPM3 is like.

Download [0.4 MB]

K-Demo Guys - Take 2   7 comments
Remember the K-Demo from the early days? Well here the same two guys use their real names - en|satyr (POV) and en|radiator - in a close game on T2. It's an action-fest where the lead keeps on switching and it is very, very fast.

Download [0.8 MB]

Brazilian Jumping Demos   1 comment
These two very small jump demos were created by , from Challenge.BR.

They illustrate how you can move around very quickly with CPM. As neto666 writes, "Its very simple to do it: Just start an accellerated strafe run, then by the 3rd jump ,when you should have enough speed, release the strafe keys and control just with +forward and using the mouse to steer".

Download [34 KB]
Download [105 KB]

FxR - DM7 4on4   7 comments
This demo is from a LAN in Sydney, Australia, where a bunch of Aussies tear it up on DM7, including Python and Scoob, who went to Razer/ CPL. The demo chops around a bit but it's a good illustration of some of the action in a promode 4on4 game.

Download [1.9 MB]

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