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Hoony 10 Dec
Mr.CleaN 24 Jun
twoAM 23 Aug
Wiebo de Wit 08 Aug
Jude 19 Jun

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Miiimiiic ? comment
Here's a duel map that is a shit-load of fun to play, in fact it's my personal favourite atm - it's called Miiimiiic and it's once more by Kiwi map-author Centaura. This one has an open-style which is large enough for two with a lot of tactical possibiliites. You can check out our review and of course download the map.

Despiiise ? comment
Another top notch duel map for you to try out, this one is highly recommended - it's called Despiiise and was made by Kiwi map-author Centaura. It's a map which is a bit more like DM6 than DM4, with a lot of extremely interesting features and a lovely design. You can check out our review and of course download the map.

Old School ? comment
Here's an excellent duel map called Old School made by twoAM (1.2 MB), which is designed to provide fast and furious action interspersed with stealth and strategy. The map has been designed with a lot of input from experienced players and has benefited greatly from that. Highly recommended. Read the Review or download the map.

Prophecy ? comment
Got yet another great map for you to check out, this time a 1on1 map by Mr CleaN. The map is called Prophecy and you can Read the Review right here and Download the Map right here (2.7 MB - yes, exactly the same size as Wiebo's map).

No Class! - Team DM Map for CPM ? comment
It took three months of extremely hard work for mapper Wiebo de Wit and the design team of gamers led by Insanity from Challenge.EU to complete what is an enormous and extraordinary Team DM map, No Class!.

Check out our Review of No Class! and Download the Map. It's a very rare occasion when a custom mapper releases a Team DM map, let alone one that has been built through a consultative process with gamers. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team on their fine effort. I hope clans out there check it out and let us know what you think.

The DOOM Body ? comment
Seen Barratus? If he was here, he'd tell you that Methos has just reviewed a new map by Cold and it's a nice map for 1on1 - Body of DOOM.

The map benefitted from some design input from various ppl, including Methos, Zoid and DieharD, and it continues our theme of bringing mappers and players together. What's more, in the review there are a couple of demos you view to get a feel for how the map plays. Check it out.

Heavy Duty Action ? comment
When Barratus set up this section (where is he, btw?) he lined up three talented mappers and I'm proud to introduce the first of their maps - Heavy Duty by .

Heavy Duty is a map which is probably unlike any you have seen before. It is designed specifically for competition 1on1 and it shows. The map has also benefitted from having design input from a|citizen and other experienced players. The result is a map which fulfills the goals of bringing mappers and players together to produce exciting competitive gameplay. Check it out.

It's Skullduggery ? comment
Where is Barratus? Better send him an email. In the meantime, here's a review of a map made by a very experienced player - DieharD-r3v.

DieharD is of course a very experienced 1on1 player, having won QuakeCon'99, and he also came fifth in the CPL Ground Zero tournament last year. The review includes a brief interview asking him about some of the design decisions underlying his map. Check it out.

Get religion.... ? comment
I've posted a look at "Ministry of Death" by Snotman.

This is the first in a continuing series of user created maps we'll present for you to browse. At the outset, the "review" format will be tilted toward player reaction, comment and critique of each map. I'm doing this to continue collecting player thoughts on baseline elememts that make for competition quality pieces.

Once we've collected a sufficient amount of data, I'll roll into a full blown review format more consistent with what I used to produce on Ramshackle.

For the time being please take the time to download and play these maps, then drop back by and leave us your comments. Your comments will help the mapping community build pieces ultimately more well suited to your needs.

You're just a touch early. ? comment
I'll have this section swinging shortly. Right now there are a few items that need sorted out regarding the review format we'll use here. I invite authors to about your competition oriented maps with a brief description and a URL to the map .pk3 or .zip containing the map. DO NOT send me the map as an attachment to your email. We'll run through each submittal, select maps that display solid potential for use in competitive play and post them in this section.

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- Miiimiiic
- Despiiise
- Old School
- Prophecy
- No Class!
- Body of DOOM
- Heavy Duty
- Skullduggery
- Ministry of Death

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