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Hoony 10 Dec
Mr.CleaN 24 Jun
twoAM 23 Aug
Wiebo de Wit 08 Aug
Jude 19 Jun

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Mr CleaN Does it Again ? comment
"Mr.CleaN" | | 2.7 MB | 09.08.00 | Duel | site |

Description - Prophecy is a 1on1 map with a symmetrical design, but unusually so. It has a long central pathway with a MH in the middle and a RL at one end and a LG at the other. A second pathway winds in a huge "S" arc from top to bottom, crossing over the central path via a bridge.

One one curve of the "S" is a RA area, and on the other is a YA area. The effect is to give each of these major items their own "unique space". Although some items are relatively far away from each other, teleporters are used to make movement around the map quick and effective.

Visually, Prophecy has a stunning "otherworld" feeling. The sky is starry and a solar eclipse is visible, giving an eerie effect. The pathways and architecture remind me of a peaceful temple, about to be shattered by some gibbage. A number of religious and alien-looking symbols heighten the effect.

Key Concepts
Mr CleaN describes the map and it's development:
I wanted to go for something on a smaller scale than Heavy Duty. There's still plenty of verticality here, but it's broken up into more, smaller areas. because of the smaller areas I also was able to provide players with more 'real' architecture. You will find ledges and trim aplenty for jumps and surprise attacks.

Once I got the layout done I realized that it really didn't need a RG. Citizen agreed on this and so we went on with the item placement from there. Although I think there is room for a strategic game in Heavy Duty, I think that aspect will be more highly emphasized in Prophecy.

I'm hoping that the layout and item load (ie: no RG) will help bring a more strategic game to this map, primarily dominated by RL and LG. Controlling the RA and MH will be vital. There are several key points on the map. The RA, the MH and the RL would all be good areas for a controlling player to lock down, and because of the map's size it's not unrealistic to do so. Of course the down player still has a chance with the YA, LG and secondary weapons. a|citizen was once again the primary playtester here. The July Lansanity event provided us a nice place to actually sit down together and discuss the initial item layout, which I think really helped the process. Past the initial placement, none of the weapons or armor moved, only a few adjustments to ammo and health.

Weapons - 1x RL, LG, GL, 2x SSG.
Armor - 1x YA, RA, 7x shards.
Health - 1x 50h, 3x 25h.
Powerups/Items - 1x MH.

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