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Hello everybody! I think it's time to update my column a little (it has been half a year now).

During the last couple of months I've been working and working and working. Our Dino game was just starting to look great when it was put into "hibernation mode" (no money, no fun). Instead we're working on a Xbox title now... rather boring actually.

Not surprisingly I've been working on my own small games too... Most of my efforts have been spent on a yet-to-be-released RPG called "Whispers in Akarra" (you can read more about that project at, but there's nothing playable yet), but also on other games.

One of these games is called "L33T WAR" and is a multiplayer game where two teams attempt to capture each other's bases (like CTF). It has very simple graphics and has simple gameplay too, but it's fun none-the-less. One feature that I think will please you hardcore freaks is that you can record and view replays! Get the game from Gamedev Showcase (I could've linked directly to the file, but I want hits on my download counter ;) ).

Hope you all have a happy life and enjoy my games! /me is looking forward to a L33T WAR section at CHTV ;)

So long, for now

// Khaile

Comment #1 by on 21:46, Monday, 01 April 2002
sounds cool :) how about a few screenshots?

Comment #2 by on 02:56, Tuesday, 02 April 2002
April Fools?

(Watch it format your PC...)

Yo Hoony =)
Comment #3 by on 07:25, Tuesday, 02 April 2002
I'm too lazy to upload new screenshots... please take a look at the "Downloads" page at the Akarra site. The problem is that the game has really simple graphics, so screenshots of the game look really bad :/

// Khaile

Comment #4 by on 09:12, Tuesday, 02 April 2002
lol AgenT :)

Khaile, is it multiplayer only? can I play it against the computer?

Comment #5 by on 10:12, Tuesday, 02 April 2002
No, sorry... no bots :(

You can play it alone, though... no fun of course, but at least you'll see what it looks like.

Comment #6 by on 22:43, Wednesday, 03 April 2002
Is there a dedicated server somewhere? SOMEONE PLAY WIT ME! :(

Question 2: Is there such a thing as a dedicated server? :)

yo agent
Comment #7 by on 07:21, Thursday, 04 April 2002
Nope, I haven't made a dedicated server yet... planning to do one when I've got the time...

Get your ass to a LAN instead ;)

Comment #8 by on 00:11, Saturday, 06 April 2002
Khaile, myself and q-tab played two games on the internet (US vs. AT) and while it was a laggathon for the client (we exchanged being server), it was pretty fun. I wish it did not quit everytime you had to change map or something, but we can deal with that. Also, ALT-TAB crashes your game - it will minimize, but crashes when you go back into the game.

I am sending you the replays through email, check em out! (they are funny since these were our first games)

Yo Agent :)
Comment #9 by on 09:19, Sunday, 07 April 2002
I'll check those out as soon as I get to work :) (can't view my email from home).

The alt+tab thing is a problem I'm trying to solve for the next version... I didn't know it crashed, though (for me it just wont return to the game). The new version will also have a little more "analogue" aim so it will be easier to pinpoint your opponent. It also has larger maps, but I'm not sure it actually improves the game... but it's cool, though :)

Anyway... thanks for the demos :D

Comment #10 by on 22:39, Sunday, 07 April 2002
hm to me the player-respawn-time was a bit annoying, maybe instant respawn would be better?
also, i miss my mouse+aswd controls:) or is it too
difficult to hit someone with strafing..
its very very fun to play!

Yo q-tip
Comment #11 by on 08:47, Monday, 08 April 2002
Well, I've been thinking about a "ProMode" where you control your direction with the mouse and use a WASD movement style, but I don't wanna split the community, eh? ;) Maybe for some future version...

The respawn time will not change though. I added it on purpose for two reasons:
1) To "immobilize" defeated players so your chances to make a capture increases.
2) To let players realize they're dead (just like id Software did with Q3).

I'm going to release a new version today with lots of new features (not the promode thingie, though).


Comment #12 by on 01:36, Thursday, 23 May 2002

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