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Challenge Pro Mode - Candidate Changes

NOTE: not all of the proposed changes will make it into Pro Mode. Some of them clearly belong to Q1Q3 version of the MOD, some will not happen until Sport version is released, and some may even be scratched entirely. The design team, comprised of world's finest Quakers and Challenge Network representatives will choose what should be put into respective versions of the MOD.



Candidate Change


Air movement

Change could involve a complex mixture of variables, including:

  • rate of deceleration whilst in air
  • rate of acceleration from mid air standstill
  • curving movement whilst in air (strafe jumping around corners)
Complete QW-style air control could be recreated with the Q1Q3 modification.

Weapons switch time

Could use "classic quake" instant weapon switching.

Some prefer a very low but noticeable switch time in order to prevent the usage of "boomstick" or "axe scripts".

Spawn times

Spawn times for weapons and powerups used in tournament and teamplay could be adjusted.

Subject for discussion: will longer weapon spawn times (15s or more) make the game slower?
Fact worth noticing: increasing weapon spawn times
can lead to a total ownage "DM4 DMM1 style" on certain maps.

Player speeds Player movement speeds could be increased. Walking and running speed feels radically different, based on the size of map being played. Change may lead to a significantly different gameplay.
Weapon knockback Weapon knockback could be adjusted. Most important changes: should lightning gun and shotgun be able to push the enemy, knocking him off of the narrow ledges? How about holding your enemy in the air by shafting him?
Bobbing and tilting Player bobbing and screen tilting while being hit could be made optional. ?
Rollangle effects "Leaning effect" of high rollangle setting used in QW could be implemented.
Leaning for models of enemy players could be implemented
Some people actually requested this!
Instead of the now upright models we would have people leaning in the direction they are strafing.
Jumping Q2 double jumps could be implemented
Q1/Q2 "ramp jumping" could be implemented.
NOTE: Double jumping will make current map strategies and tactics obsolete.
"Ramp jumping" means faster movement while jumping on elevated terrain.



Candidate Change


Footstep sounds

Possible options:

  • remove entirely
  • ability to hear only your own footsteps
  • make footsteps significantly quieter and "softer"
  • leave unchanged

Hearable sound radius could be increased to provide players with more clues of the position of others
Walking speed could be increased (if footsteps stay in)

How about leaving them intact for FFAs?

Update: footsteps sound can be turned off server-side with "DMFLAGS 32" cvar.

Jump sounds

Could be modified for default competitor player model

This has been addressed with the Point Release and the way it behaves after "cg_forcemodel 1".

Ambient sounds

Could be minor changes to remove/ reduce some ambient sounds

Powerups sounds Different sounds for powerups (TP, MK etc) could be implemented. Everything uses the "pent" sound now...



Candidate Change



RL could be given increased splash radius/damage



GL could be given increased splash radius/damage
Bouncing effect, projectile velocity and range could be altered (increased)



LG could be given increased damage, push, and "grip"
Endpoint latency and the length of the beam could be reduced.
LG pickup ammo could be reduced.
LG "humming" sound could be removed.
LG discharge effect could be imported from Q1
Shaft beam could be shrinked to improve visibility while using cg_drawgun 0

Endpoint latency (currently at 25ms) is responsible for the "noodle effect" as some like to call it. Decreasing this value will make the shaft beam "stiffer". If the shaft gets stronger, it will probably need to be shortened or we could see total LG domination witnessed during Frag3.
People using cg_drawgun 0 are penalized with a huge shaft beam covering half of the screen.
PG Plasma ball damage could be reduced from default 20 Some say that 15 would be a lot better
SG Shotgun pellet count and damage per pellet could be adjusted Tough call, some want it Doom2-like with slow reload and 140 damage, some prefer QW style with fast reloads and about 60 damage. Changing it either way will inevitably unbalance the game.


Random spread on bullets from ssg and mg could be removed ingame.
Damage rate and ammo could be imported from teamplay into 1on1s.


Rocket speed

Rocket speed could be set to Q1 speed (for example)

Preceived projectile speeds depends greatly on the size of maps played. Small maps with faster rockets may turn out to be unacceptable for most people.



Candidate Change



Armour countdown could be removed.
Armour system from Q1 could be implemented.
VIsible armour system could be researched

How about Red=200A, Yellow=100A in teamplay?
id promised to include visible armour in Q3A but failed to deliver. But... do you really want to know exactly how much armour your opponent has at all times? Doesn't it take away the "surprise" effect?


Could have Quad doing 4x damage as in Q1 and Q2



When fragged, player could leave a backpack containing last used weapon and all ammo.

NOTE: impossible to implement without forcing a client download (pak with the backpack model). Workaround: killed enemy drops a heap of ammo and a single weapon. Not too elegant but working.
Weapon and ammo dropping Q2 weapon and ammo dropping system could be implemented NOTE: team games could become more like FFAs with everybody running around with RLs.
Items pickup Items pickup radius could be increased. No more "jumping over the armour".
Holdable items Could be removed for duels (teleport, medkit). ?
Ammo pickup system Ammo pickup and accumulation system could be imported from teamplay into duels.
Ammo count in ammunition boxes could be adjusted.
No more "1 more rocket after picking up the RL" stuff.
How about 10 rockets in a pack? Needs to be playtested a lot.

Competitor, gameplay and minor tweaks


Candidate Change


Default competitor model

Could have 1 type of default model with good visibility of skin (like proxy forcecolor "color yellow yellow" in Q1). Ability to force whatever model admin sees fit, server side, without the need to use sv_pure 0

Player colors "Color" command could be imported from Q1 May not at all be possible with current bitmap skins and the way shaders work. Subject for investigation.


Could have 100 health at spawn
Respawn delay could be eliminated

FFA health, armor and item system could be left intact. Proposed changes only in teams/duels.
Doom-style respawns are quite exciting: you can jump back into action the very moment you die, sometimes even seeing your own gibs flying around.
Blood on screen Blending effect of blood covering the screen while being hit could be removed. Improves visibility.
Glowing Quad Quad holder could be a source of light, like in Q1. What if I play with dynamic lights turned off?
Item spawns and duration Random item spawn timecould be removed.
Time between item spawns could be adjusted.
What gameplay impact will this have (more frequent quad respawns for example)?
Megahealth Megahealth spawning system could be brought back from Q1 and Q2. Respawns 20 seconds after it runs out.
Centered weapons The ability to completely "center" weapons could be included. Right now the rail is offset to the right and it feels wierd at times.
Empty weapon switch The ability to switch to an empty weapon could be removed. Major annoyance.
Teleports Acceleration while exiting a teleport could be removed/reduced. How about some nice, quick double teleports?
Communication Proxy-like % token system could be implemented ?
Timer Game timer could be made a server option Option: replace the last one or two digits with "X" marks, similar to KT MOD.
Hit notification Hit notification (the "beep" sound) could be removed for long distance prediction shots Quite a questionable change (requested by a very prominent player). How about railing someone on DM17 or even DM7 from a mile away and not knowing if the shot landed?



Candidate Change



Scorebar shows all players and spectators. Variables shown might include name, frags, time played, packet loss, FPS*
The ability to view scores while playing demos could be brought back from Q1

*This has been addressed in the Point Release, except packet loss and FPS. May be tough to implement without decrypting the network code first.


Crosshair/ crosshaircolor could be determined by server-side admin

Demo recording The "recording demo" message could be removed or replaced with an icon hidden somewhere on the hud.
The command to sequentially "autoname" recorded demos could be implemented.
"Autonaming" could prevent demos from being overwritten accidentaly.
Frag notification Very big "You fragged X" announcements could be removed. Isn't the "tone" and standard text enough? Could be made an option.
Efficiency indicator Basic efficiency or death counter could be implemented for teamplay and FFA. So you will know who's giving free frags to the enemy team.
Weapon HUD Optional HUD could be implemented, showing the ammo for every carried weapon.
Weapon ammo count numbers should not change color while firing
Worked great in QW.



Candidate Change



Could remove unusable items from level (like torches in Q1's dm6), for example flags in Tourney2's main hall
Number of visible plasma balls could be decreased (option)




Candidate Change


Custom Maps


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