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CPL 4 Year Anniversary
Click here for Public Qizmo IPs (courtesy of HangTime)

"small" recap of the CPL 4-Year event.   2 comments
The CPL 4-Year event has come and gone, and with it came many memories of the CPL’s past and some visions of the future. This event hosted some of the greatest talent of many communities, including Quakeworld, Counterstrike, Quake3, Promode, Serious Sam, and I even saw some Diablo2 players attending. Any spectator of this event was treated to a wide variety of gaming culture.. This event was a worthy birthday celebration for the CPL. So what exactly happened during the course of the biggest birthday bash of the year? Lets take a look: (note, I will ONLY be covering the main tournament and BYOC sections. Other events included; Senior gaming league tournaments, Serious Sam tournament, Unreal tournament event, Clash of the Titans finals, and many many raffles.)


    The quakeworld tournament was without a doubt the spotlight event the entire time. With the entire BYOC area and the projector spectator area filled with spectators, and a WORLDWIDE qizmo setup to allow QuakeTV broadcasts around the world, and even IRC updates with Quake Radio, the coverage for this event was excellent.

    The event itself was worthy of the coverage it received. While early matches all consisted of blowouts, the tournament started to get really interesting at around the third round of the winners bracket. With matches such as Rapture vs FienD, ZeRo4 vs Thane Cyan (whom earned an upset win over Virgil and the 12th seeded Stitch), and Core vs Goonter (whom upset Mugwump in a VERY impressive DM4 game), it was clear that the best was yet to come. Here are some useless facts about the tournament:

    Highest frag count on DM2: 56 frags – czm vs beer
    Highest frag count on DM4: 75 frags – czm vs beer
    Highest frag count on DM6: 52 frags – ZeRo4 vs GoodBoy

    Most exciting game: czm vs HarlsoM – DM6
    Least exciting game: Fiend vs ZeRo4 – DM2 (final score 1-0 in OT)
    Most anticipated match: czm vs HarlsoM

    29 games were won via forfeit: 13 in the winners bracket, 16 in the losers bracket

    3 games went into OT: Fiend vs ZeRo4 (dm2), Fatality vs Harlsom (dm2), and Lost Cause vs Thane Cyan (dm6)

    Harlsom knocked Core (final standing: 2nd place) into the losers bracket. Seeded number 10th, he then had to face Rapture, Rix, Xoque, FienD, and Czm for another shot at Harlsom in the tournament finals. Every player Core defeated in the losers bracket was seeded lower then him.

    Congratulations Harlsom for a well earned victory in the Quakeworld tournament. All demos from this event are hosted at Challenge-TV.
    BYOC was filled with many entertaining moments, but I belive that when asked what was the most interesting aspect of the event, you’ll be hearing a lot of the God Game Girls. To give you an idea on what went on, think of David Lettermans “stupid human tricks” with the prize being a free t-shirt and some video games. Often times when the God Game Girls entered the BYOC event, there were more spectators watching them then the tournament in which they came to participate in. Some things that really stood out were:

    Someone whom poured coke all over himself
    Someone licked the soda from the cardboard box the first person was standing on
    Three people dropped their pants for free T-Shirts
    And one person ran around the BYOC area with a pair of dirty underwear (no, not boxers) on his head

    It is interesting what people will do for a free T-Shirt from an attractive girl.

    Another interesting activity from the BYOC area was the playstation game Dance Mania. From what I hear, it is a CPLNight time tradition, and it went on all night. When I asked Angel and Monte to participate, Angel said maybe tomorrow, and Monte said hell no! heh :) No CPLstaff on the dance machine this time around.

I do not have any information on what happened at the CounterStrike tournament since I was covering the quakeworld event at the time, so if you would like more information on that please drop by some of the many eSports sites that had coverage.

The CPL 4-year bash was everything I expected, and more. I would like to thank the CPL staff for doing a great job organizing such an event, the Challenge network for letting me report live from the CPL floor, Harlsom, ZeRo4, FienD, Xoque, CPL|Chris, c3, Rapture, abbaJ, and everyone on IRC who gave me something to do while nothing else was going on and enduring my bad jokes for 4 days. Thanks to everyone out there, and I’ll be seeing you online!

Harlsom vs Czm   3 comments
Harlsom has JUST finished playing czm for the winners bracket final and I must say, the result was the most intense match of the tournament without a doubt.

It started on DM6. Harlsom took the early lead but Czm was able to come back time and time again. This match was kept down to a 3 frag difference for the entire 10 minutes, and every frag was a sight to see. With one minute left to go, Harlsom took the lead and with czm in control of the map franticly searching for the frag that would tie the game, Harlsom sneaks by and remains untouched. Harlsom wins by 1 frag.

DM4 started out pretty much the same, except Czm was the first to gain control of the map, although in this game there was really on 'control' as the person with more health and armor goes on a spawn killing spree. The lead changed hands a good 4 or 5 times durring this fight, and as the end nears it looked as if czm could pull an upset.. but he made one mistake and it cost him a frag, then a spawnfrag, then the game.

Czm now moves down to face Core for the losers bracket finals while Harlom waits for the victor of that match. The finals of the tournament, Harlom must be defeated twice to lose the tournament.

Demos will be uploaded to Challenge-tv and Cached as soon as they are available.

The Journey to the top - Czm vs Harlsom   6 comments
Czm and Harlsom will play tomorrow for the upper bracket finals, so lets take a minute to see how they got there.

Czms first match was with a player named "beer." Czm had NO problem taking out beer in 2 games with a score of 56 - -1 on DM2, and an event high score of 75-0 on DM4. That match would set the pace of every game to follow, and Czm seemed to have a lot of great energy heading into his future matches. Once Beer was dispatched, he grabbed a forfeit win over G4-arfs and looked forward to his next opponent, claw.

In my predictions, I stated that Claw might be able to give czm a run for his money, but I had no doubts that Czm would take the series. Claw was looking pretty good in BYOC practice games as well as previous tournament games. Claw seemed knock quake 3 superstar Succubus into the losers bracket fairly easily. Czm however, just blew by Claw like it was still Round 1 of the tournament. While EVERY other round 3w game was considered a good game, Czm vs Claw turned out to be a blowout in Czm's favor. Czm earned 40 frags on Dm4. Next highest frag count in Round 3w? Fellow quake 3 star, ZerO4 with 25 frags against Thane Cyan.

This is where things seemed as if they would become more difficult. Czm's next opponent would be none other then the real [5] FienD. Czm, yet again, destroyed his opponent on DM4 with a score of 38-8 but DM6 was another story. FienD jumped into an early lead on DM6 leading 6 to -1 with quite a bit of time left in the match. Czm soon realized he was getting beat, and kicked it up a notch to take the map and the series with a final score of 16 - 7.

Up next Czm and Xoque will play in the winners bracket. This Face/Off Finals rematch had a lot of predictions expecting it to be close, yet Czm shows us just how prepared he is for this tournament. He takes out Xoque on DM6 with a score of 28-2, and narrowly squeezes by DM2 (considered to be Xoque's best map) with a score of 6-3.

So czm now sits in the finals waiting for the chance to play Harlsom. Currently Czm sits undefeated in this tournament, with a record of: 8 maps won, 0 maps lost.

Harlsom started out the tournament with high hopes and the chance to defent his country in the largest quakeworld event of the year. His first match would be against the #63 seed 'beverly' .. but we would not get to see that match due to beverly's absence. Harlsom then moves on to face Acid in Round 2w of the tournament. Harlsom holds acid down pretty well as he takes him out 16-0 in DM2 and a high scoring 48-0 on DM4. At this point, Harlsom has not one frag against him.

Round 3 seemed to be just as easy for the Aus player, as he breezes by Diz without a problem. The scores were a bit closer this time, but good enough to get by with the win.

Harlsom's next draw was the #10 seeded Core. Harlsom is quoted in saying that he was a little scared of Core's abilities and that Core was able to defeat some well known players. harlsom did not seem to be bothered by this in the match however, as he sweeps the series on DM2 (9-3) and DM6 (13-6). This would also mark the first series that Harlsom did NOT play DM4.

After dispatching Core, the name of a Quake 3 superstar stood in his way. Fatality was able to take DM2 away from Harlsom in overtime by a score of 3-2, but Harlsom was just too much for him on DM6 and DM4. Harlsom would score an impressive 45 frags against Fatality on DM4 for the highest frag count of the round. Once Fatality was disposed of, Harlsom began to look at what he has to face on the other end of the brackets.

Harlsom's record: 8 maps won, 1 map lost

So whats in store for the spectators? My predictions are that Harlsom will pick DM4 for this match and Czm will play DM2. Harlsom's 'in your face' aggression will work towards his advantage on DM4, but after losing to Fatality previously I think Czm will see that mistake and try to exploit it. I belive this will indeed head to 3 games, and DM6 is a dead heat between them. My final predictions:

Czm over Harlsom: DM4 = Harlsom's, DM2 = Czm's, DM6 = Czm's.

Face/Off: Clash of the Titans Final Report   comment
Clash of the Titans finals were played eariler today with some VERY intense matches taking place. Czm pretty much cleaned house, first taking out Bitchslayer to advance into the finals, and then having his way with c3.

Although Czm did win first place, he decided that he would rather pass on the prize to the person who would win 2nd place. With czm sitting in first, Bitchslayer519 and c3 battle it out on the floor for all of the CPL to see. It started on DM13, where frags were earned in a very tedious and strategic game. This game was close and very intense, but Bitchslayer had what it took and won by just a few frags.

Next map was CPM1a where c3 showed Bitchslayer just how good he can play. c3 ended up winning by a fairly large margin, but the game had some great moments.

By far, one of the BEST games of the night, was game 3 of the series between Bitchslayer519 and c3. Map of choice would be CPM12 and from the start of the game, no player had a clear lead. It would be a one point game for most of the match, with Bitchslayer taking control then c3 charging in for the tie and eventually the lead. Bitchslayer, however, stuck it out and in the final minute of the match, tied and took the lead and never looked back. Bitchslayer takes home the Geforce3 card as a momento.

There we're also several practice games that got recorded, including ZeRo4 vs Bitchslayer and ZeRo4 vs c3. These were also very intense matches and should not be overlooked when searching for a demo to watch.

Final standings for Face/Off Clash of the Titans:
1st: cK-czm
2nd: Bitchslayer519
3rd: c3
4th: [-1]Apheleon
5th thru 6th: xil-exodus and [-1]pl
7th thru 8th: k9-Moonshine and a|citizen
9th thru 12th: stx-Lagwagon, FiTH-Mack, [-1]Illusion, and a|revelation

Demos for all of todays matches have been sent to and Challenge-tv and will be uploaded by the morning.

Thank you to the CPL staff for holding the finals, the challenge network for the support going in and durring the tournament, and every spectator who wanted to see more. It has been a pleasure and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Great Games All!!!

CPL 4 Year QW Demos   comment
Thanks CPL|Chris for getting the demos to me as fast as you have and Good work with running everything. The demos can be downloaded from CHTV here. Demos are being posted as soon as we get them so keep checking back.

Xoque vs czm   2 comments
Czm once again shows down to the second timing and pin point aim and dominates this series. Started on DM6 with a lot of good action, and finished up on DM2 with a lot of good.. well.. camping :) Czm moves up to face eather clanmate Fatality, or Harlsom

FienD vs ZeRo4   comment
This match was pretty interesting at the start. They started out with DM4 where ZeRo4 totally dominated every aspect of the level. Then as they moved onto FienD's home map DM6, where FienD showed ZeRo4 how to play. Then came dm2.. .. .. Just to sum it up. The score was 0-0 in overtime with ZeRo4 camping the mh / red armor room, and FienD roaming the level. Fiend eventually won 1 - 0.

Xoque vs ZeRo4   comment
Xoque started out very strong on DM2. he took the early lead and kept it for the entire match. Next map would be DM6 where ZeRo4's strategy and aim kept him in control for most of the game, but when he lost it he was too far ahead to turn over the game to Xoque. Dm4 however, was the most intense of the three games. ZeRo4 took the early lead until around the halfway point where Xoque started charging back. With two minutes left ZeRo4 made a charge to come back from a 6 to 4 score, but in the end Xoque was too much. Xoque moves on to face czm in the semi finals.

Upper quarterfinal Predictions   2 comments
Czm vs FienD
FienD is pretty on with his game, but still is no match for Czm. I belive czm will take this one fairly easily.

ZeRo4 vs Xoque
Xoque does not have his computer with him, so the only practice he is able to get is with the tournament machines one half hour before every match. ZeRo4 has been very impressive uptil now and I do not belive he'll lose this one. Xoque however, will not let it come easy.

RiX vs Fatality
Rix has been looking good, but so has Fatality. Fatality has had two opponents forfeit against him so he has not had as much practice with the tournament machines as RiX, but Fatality has been playing abbaJ pretty steady throughout the event. I belive Fatality will take this game 2-1.

Core vs Harlsom
Harlsom should take this match with little trouble from Core.

Saturday Morning Matches   2 comments
Here are the latest results from the Saturday morning matches. I was unable to catch any of them except FienD vs Rept and the end of Fatality vs Unknown. The Fatality game was pretty intense as Unknown is up 8 to 4 with just a few minutes left, and Fatality making a break for the win. If he had one more minute, I belive he would have had it. Here are the results:

czm defeated clan DM6 (40--1), DM2 (10-0)
ZeRo4 defeated thane cyan DM6(13-1), DM4(24-0)
XoquE defeated brute DM2(14-6), DM4 (15-14)
Core defeated Goonter DM4(21-7), DM2 (11-4)
Harlsom defeated diz DM4(17-6), DM6 (5-21)
fiend defeated Rapture DM6(12-5) DM2(3-5) DM4(16-7)

CPL 4-Year Round 3w Predictions   5 comments
Czm vs Claw
Czm has had little competition up to this point, but that stops here. Claw should give CZM a good run for his money, but Czm is just too prepared for this event to loose it now.

Rapture vs Fiend
These two were practicing together often on Thursday and both are prepared for this match. Fiend, however, has the skill to edge out the win here. It should be an interesting set of matches, but Fiend will be victorious.

Zero4 vs Thane Cyan
Thane has given everyone here at the CPL a great ride. He has pulled some upsets that was not predicted by any of the BYOC spectators. ZeRo4 however, is extremely prepared for this match. It will take pinpoint aim, dead on strategy, and a little bit of luck to take him down. He should be able to take this match in two intense games.

Xoque vs Brute
Xoque has been performing great through the tournament, but his next opponent will prove to be a challenge. "If my aim is on, I think I'll be able to take him" Xoque said, "but my aim has been shakey and his has been dead on." I think X has what it takes to pull through the series.

Useless vs cK-fatal1ty
Fatality has been playing nonstop since thursday and has impressed me up until this point. As I've said, he is not the standout he is in quake 3, but he has the skill, the strategy, and the mindset to pull off a victory. Expect Fatality to win this one by outsmarting his opponent.

Core vs Goonter
Goonter has just come off of a major upset victory over Mugwump. If he can retain the energy he had after the mugwump game, he should take this one without a hitch. "Goonter surprised me with his performance on DM4." Said Harlsom. "I didn't expect he was that good on that map." This is one opponent you do not want to underestimate.

Diz vs Harlsom
Harlsom is expected to take this without any problems. He feels extremly confident in his ability and I do not belive Diz has what it takes to knock Harlsom off his track.

Some screenshots   comment
I have watched some games and have taken a few screenshots, get them here.

Mugwump vs Goonter; Round2w   comment
Mugwump is just finished playing DC Goonter, and the result wwas a very intense matchup. Mugwump held goonter to a close lead for the DM2 game, but DM4 was dominated by Goonter. Mugwump will now drop down to the losers bracket as Goonter will advance to play

End game statistics: DM2
Frags (rank) . efficiency
DC goonter: 13 (2) . 54.2%
mugwump: 10 (-5) . 40%

End game statistics: DM4
Frags (rank) . efficiency
DC Goonter: 66 (2) . 66%
mugwump: 13 (-5) . 28%

Rix over Ziplock; Round 2w   comment
Rix and Ziplock played in a pretty close game on DM6. Rix heald the lead until around the 3 min mark, where he lost control and nearly his lead. 8 to 9 at 3 min remaining. Good strategy, a little luck, and a mistake by Ziplock gave Rix control back, as he took the win.

DM2 was a very intense game. Rix took the lead early and Ziplock never took off the preasure. Half way through the game, ziplock took control of the map and had Rix running for armor. Patience and smart play lead Rix into a victory. Rix will advance to play the winner of Rdw519 vs abbaJ in round 3 of the winners bracket.

End game statistics: DM6
Frags (rank) . efficiency
ziploc: 9 (-4) . 40.9%
rix: 12 (1) . 52.2%

End game statistics: DM2
Frags (rank) . efficiency
ziploc: 4 (-5) . 30.8%
rix: 7 (2) . 58.3%

No Demos till tommorrow   1 comment
That's the word from CPL|Chris. He says all winner's bracket games tommorrow will have demos made.

ZeRo4 over BlackKnight; Round 2w   comment
Zero4 just took out Blacknight in a couple of pretty good games. BlackKnight did however, takie ZeRo4's perfict 100% Efficiency, but he could not take the match. ZeRo4 played smart and had great timing. Once he had the map, he just didn't look back.

Round 2w Tournament Predictions   comment
czm vs G4-arfs
Czm has the number 1 seed for a reason. He dominated his first round game against Beer with an average efficiency of 97% and a high score of 73 frags on DM4. I belive he will have little trouble earning his second win.

succubus vs claw
Succubus (seed 17) will face claw (seed 16) in what should be a very close game. I belive that Succubus has what it takes to pull through this game however, due to her experiance in tournaments and playing under pressure. I have talked with abbaJ who practiced with claw eariler in the day. "His aim is average" says abbaJ, "but he didn't stand out in any way. He might have a chance just because Succubus is a quake 3 player though"

rapture vs kukabuka
While I do not personally know the skills of these two players, it is clear that the spectators of the event is behind rapture 100%. Rapture has been practicing all day with cK-Fatality and is getting better with every game.

Phylaras vs FienD
Fiend is in shape for this event. I belive he will take this without any problems.

ZeRo4 vs BlackKnight
ZeRo4 has been practicing hard for this tournament. He has played games with Fiend, rapture, and abbaj pretty much all day thursday. I asked him how well he thinks he would do against BlackKnight (keep in mind that BlackKnight destroyed his previous opponent.) "I think I'll do pretty well against him." This game should be a great spectator game but I predict ZeRo4 will come out on top.

Thane Cyan vs Stitch
Thane beat his previous opponent 2 games to 1, but I belive Stitch will be too much for him this game. "Thane is doing pretty well" Xoque says but when asked who he thought would win the match? "Stitch"

Brute vs Clem
I do not have enough information on these two to accuratly make a prediction. From the spectators at the BYOC, they belive that Clem will squeeze out with a win.

Ben Iiams vs Xoque
Xoque has high hopes for this game and belives he can take out Ben Iiams without much problem.

Rix vs Ziplock
Rix has been seeded 3rd for this event for past experiance in quakeworld. He also did very well against his first round match, but his next match will be against Ziplock and that is not an opponent to be taken lightly. Several spectators of the event belive that Ziplock will take this game, but I belive that Rix has what it takes to upset.. but it wont be easy. This will be one game that everyone will want to check out.

Rdw519 vs abbaJ
abbaJ has been practicing all day against cK-Fatality and is looking very good. Rdw519 is not to be taken lightly however, and will definatly not make it easy for abbaJ. abbaJ has confidence that he will be victorious.

Useless vs Lost_Cause
Useless took out c3 in the first round of the tournament. Useless should have no problem taking this game away from lost Cause (who defeated reVy to advance)

Thundercracker vs cK-Fatality
Fatality, no matter what anyone says, is prepared for this event. While he does not stand out as he does in quake 3, he does have the skills to do very well in this tournament. He should sweep these games

Mugwump vs Goonter
Mugwump has the 2nd highest frag count but Goonter was looking strong. Its going to be a close match but I belive mugwump will pull through with the victory.

acid vs Harlsom
Acid doesn't have a chance..

Practice Games in the BYOC   comment
Several practice games are finishing up in the BYOC area of the 4-Year Bash. Fatality has been playing Rapture pretty steadily since last night. Fatality is not looking as good as if the game were quake3, but don't underestimate this powerhouse. He still has skills and will most likely make it to the final 6.

Another player practicing pretty steady is ZeRo4. Zero4 and jabba have been playing literally all day and both of them are looking pretty good. I have yet to see Czm practice, but his first round game in the tournament shows that he will be making at least the top 3. He has earned that number 1 seed.

I will try to get some interviews as well as predictions and demos when they become available. Qizmo IP's will be updated shortly, and when they go live you will see them here.

Fiend vs Touch of Death, Tournament Round 1   comment
FienD and Touch of Death just finished their duel and FienD came out on top with little trouble. FienD and Touch of Death played a few friendly duels last night in a couple of close games, but FienD jumped it into high gear for the tournament. FienD advances to play Phylaras or Marsupial for Round 2 of the Quakeworld Tournament.

End of game statistics: DM2
Frags (rank) . efficiency
touch*of*death: -2 (-28) . 0%
[5]FienD: 26 (25) . 96.3%

End of game statistics: DM6
Frags (rank) . efficiency
touch*of*death: 0 (-45) . 0%
[5]FienD: 45 (44) . 97.8%

Succubus vs Some Jerk, Tournament Round 1   1 comment
Succubus beat Some jerk on DM2 Succubus and Some Jerk are just finishing their games. Succubus defeated Some Jerk on DM2 fairly easily and moved on to dominate on DM6. She will move on to play eather Rob Libbey or Claw in round 2 of the tournament.

End Game Stats: DM6
Frags (rank) . efficiency

Some Jerk: 1 (-28) . 3.3%
succubus: 29 (28) . 96.7%

Czm vs Beer, Tournament Round 1   1 comment
Game 1 for the Czm vs Beer was (as predicted) a blowout. Czm took the lead on DM6 and never looked back. Czm only died once durring the course of this game.

End Game Stats:
Frags (rank) . efficiency

BeeR: -1 (-57) . 0%
czm: 56 (55) . 98.2%

Game two (Dm4) was too much of the same.. only this time Beer got a lucky telefrag against Czm.

End Game Stats: DM4
Frags (rank) . efficiency

BeeR: 0 (-75) . 0%
czm: 75 (73) . 97.4%

CPL 4 Year Anniversary Coverage   6 comments
The 'official word' on QIZMO is that "it's a go" (CPL|Chris). The IPs will be posted in #cpl4year on as soon as the box is ready (CPL|Chris setting stuff up as I type). If you want to run a linked QIZMO proxy for spectators, please go to #cpl4year on and ask for CPL|Chris.

10:40pm EST -- Brackets here Harlsom vs Beverly hahahahahahahahahaha

10:30pm EST -- Nothing atm but i'm gonna try to get a practice demo or 2 from someone, join #cpl4year on for all of the latest and greatest information.

9:30pm EST -- I got some unofficial seedings from a source at the CPL, #1 czm #2 Harlsom #3 rix #4 Xoque #5 ??? #6 zero4 #7 Fatal1ty

9:00pm EST -- I did a small interview with one of North Americans finest QW players, Xoque, heres what he had to say.
Have you played any qw yet?
No, since i have no computer.
Have you seen any qw practice games yet?
zero4 has been playing a decent amount he just wooped rapture pretty good on dm4 jabba is playing him now on dm2.
So the rumor is true, that zero4 is pretty good in qw?
yep, he's pretty damn good, he's got a kickass shaft
Are you going to be allowed to practice any for the qw comp on the CPL PC's?
Don't think so.. right now they're using them for the doom2 tournament.. harl says he'll try and prac qw on them after his next doom2 game :)
You have played most of the participants online and even beat czm in a few Fceoff matches, who is the best on the 3 individual maps in your opinion?
Well its hard to say... i was talking with core earlier from sweden and nobody knows about him but he may be pretty tough.. says he has beaten ff-forsberg and ff-exile.. i think on dm4, harl or czm or zero4 will be tops on dm2.. hmm thats really hard to say.. i have no idea really on dm6.. i'd say mugwump or fiend or czm... they're all really tough there, obviously i haven't seen some of these people play lately though or at all, like core.
Where do you think you'll place?
Well i want to place top 5, but i think that'll be really tough.. i'm pretty sure i can get top 24... but a lot depends on the seeds, and they have no idea whats up with that. i think i'll get top 16

8:00pm EST -- Not too much going on at the moment but lots of people have shown up today. Here is a list of some of them. czm, Harlsom, Fatal1ty, Mugwump, Fiend, zero4, Xoque, Rapture, Jabba, and Krave. I heard that Harlsom is currently playing doom2 with Romero and Fiend is also playing. A bit of advice guys, practice qw not doom2!! :) As far as the CoTT finals are concerned, only czm has shown up, Bitchslayer and c3 should arrive shortly. I'll keep you posted as soon as anything interesting happens, thx Cloud9 for the info.

Official CPL 4-Year Anniversary website
#cpl4year on
Tournament Brackets

Upper bracket commences: Friday 10:00 AM CST

Looking through the Tournament Brackets some names stand out:

Group 1:
- czm (seeded #1)
- succubus (top female player)
- rapture (dK mentioned him so...)
- FienD

Group 2:
- ZeRo4 (seeded #6)
- clem (could be an old-schooler...)
- Xoque (seeded #4)

Group 3:
- r1x (seeded #3) (previous CPL NQ winner)
- rdw519
- cK-fatal1ty (seeded #7)

Group 4:
- Mugwump
- yeoldebitchslayzre519
- Core (some Swede, so watch out)
- cK-krave
- Harlsom (seeded #2)

See also:

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