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There have been continuing attacks on the Challenge Pro Mode based on the name "promode", most recently from Pappy-R in his PQ editorial (see my rebuttal). The Shugashack even gets into the act:

The basis of the argument centers around calling it 'pro-mode' (Which I also think was a poor choice) and gameplay preferences. Honestly if they just called it something else I'm betting they wouldnt catch half the flack they do get.

As some people have guessed, the "flack" hasn't been all bad for CPM. The name has been good for publicity. However, that wasn't the intention in creating the name nor has it been something we have tried to exploit. It's just something that has happened. As far as the name goes, the CPM team don't really care that much about it, we just haven't been able to come up with a better name. So I would like to offer the readers of Challenge.World the opportunity to suggest some alternatives. I'm not promising that we'll change the name, but we will take a good look. And if there's a much better name, we'll consider making the change. There's a bit of work involved in changing the name, so it had better be a good one or we're not going to bother.

Why do some people get upset about the name? Maybe you can enlighten us in the comments again. As far as I can tell, the people upset about the name say that it implies the CPM team "arrogantly" think people who enjoy vanilla Q3A are "newbies" if they don't play CPM. That seems overly-sensitive to me, but I can appreciate that many Quake players don't like implied slights on their character, whether intended or not.

A bit of background is in order. The name "promode" came originally from John Carmack, who in an interview on Firing Squad speculated about the possibility of making a "professional mode" of Q3A for the experts. Id Software never took up the plan. I'd separately (and prior to JC's comment) raised the idea of making a version of Q3A for experienced players in my review of the first Q3A test on CHAU. When the time came to actually make the modification, I called it the "Challenge promode", because it was the Challenge version of the "promode" that John Carmack had talked about.

I think "promode" is actually a very good name. It's short and sweet, and everybody knows what it means. Although some critics pick it apart and try to interpret it absolutely literally, the name simply means that our mod is designed primarily for expert players. I believe it captures the spirit of the mod well.

It's true that the CPM team thinks VQ3 (vanilla Q3A) was designed largely for newbies, but then it's hardly controversial. That doesn't mean we think VQ3 was designed only for newbies or that the gamers who play it are all newbies. VQ3 obviously gets used for high-level competitive play - and I've always said it's quite playable. I have also acknowledged on numerous occasions that the games can be exciting, especially if there is a lot at stake. It's just that we think it could be a little bit more exciting and challenging, especially for expert players. On the other side of the coin, newbie players can and do enjoy promode, although they will find that experienced players school them in ways they never imagined possible. The newbie players who like that say it inspires them and gives them high goals to aim for.

That being said, here's your opportunity to "change the name". I think this will be the one and only opportunity to do it, because we are finalising the gameplay changes for our next release, and the next release is likely to be integrated with OSP. To get you started, here are some possibilities that es-vynn raised:


"Extreme Arena"
"Extreme Quake"
"Quake 3: Extreme"

"Adrenaline Arena"
"Adrenaline Quake"
"Quake 3: Adrenaline"

"Impulse Arena"
"Impulse Quake"
"Quake 3: Impulse"

When we've got a bunch of candidates, the CPM team will make a short-list. We might then run a poll to see the level of interest in the new names. Of course, in any such poll the name "promode" will be a contender too. If you happen to like the name, by all means feel free to say so :). Have fun with it and try not to take "names" too seriously. There's more to life.

W00, first comment
Comment #1 by on 20:45, Thursday, 15 June 2000
I still think that you should keep the name the same. The original reason for it was that ID was going to create a pro mode, and since it wasn't in the full game, you made it.

New Pro-Mode name.
Comment #2 by on 22:11, Thursday, 15 June 2000
How about something along the lines of what Capcom did with the Street Fighter II series ?

You know, Turbo, Hyper, Champions Edition ( heh ), Turbo X, etc.


'Quake III Turbo'
'Challenge Arena'
'Quake III Arena : Turbo'
'Quake III : Champion Edition'
'Quake III : Tournament'
'Challenge Tourney'
'Challenge Pro-Mode w00ps the ass off vanilla Quake III'
'Hard 'n Fast'
'We 0wn Pappy-R'



- Void

Kep it the same!!
Comment #3 by on 22:39, Thursday, 15 June 2000

DOH!!! I mean KEEP it the same
Comment #4 by on 22:43, Thursday, 15 June 2000
I mean for aren't going to let a few people influence you guys in changing the name of this mod are you? I think the name pro-mode suits it fine! BTW...I can't wait till OSP integrates it!! This mod actually made it fun to play Q3 again.

Comment #5 by on 22:52, Thursday, 15 June 2000
Listen Hoony, you are definitively missing the point man, if you change the name, you lose...

Q3:CE :)
Comment #6 by on 23:26, Thursday, 15 June 2000
Hey void....scary thing is I was just about to mention the same thing (Q3:Championship Edition (everyone thinks its champion edition...but if I remember correctly its Championship...haven't played it in a while...guess I need to fire up bleem or something and see...but Q3:CE has a nice ring to it....tho it would probably piss people off too :)). I'll be happy as long as you don't use FocalPoint (or severed bunny head on a stick match)...that's my current project :). I think Challenge-Quake3 (something someone on the shack recomended) works very nicely...but I think its already taken by another mod. Whatever the name is (after all...what's in a name); Good Luck to all the folks working on the CPM...erm I mean whatever it happens to be called :).

no qw comments
Comment #7 by on 23:29, Thursday, 15 June 2000
Ok before any of you anti-CPM monkeys start saying "call it QuakeWorld Q3" or something like that, there already is a true QW to Q3 conversion project going on--QWQ3 its called or something like that anyway.

Personally I don't think the name should be changed, but since this is going to happen heres some ideas:

Challenge Hardcore Mode - this means pretty much the same thing as the current title without the 'professional players only' thing. Hardcore is also a good buzz word and it's something the "community" won't missinterpret.

That's the only specific I can give but I think the concepts of speed and competition should be conveyed in some way in the title. CPM1 (q3jdm8a) + CPM = insanely fast action. This is the best thing about CPM and I think this should be known from the word go--the title.

Comment #8 by on 00:04, Friday, 16 June 2000
I think it's a good idea that you're considering changing the name. Maybe that'll earn you some peace of mind.


Challenge Project
Challenge World Project
Quake3:Fusion //(qw+q2+q3)

Good luck.

Don't change the name, cuz it suits well!
Comment #9 by on 00:44, Friday, 16 June 2000
Hey Guys,

I think you shouldn't touch the name. It's very well known as Promode now and I like the name. I'm far away from beeing a Pro Player, and I don't feel pissed about the name.

So what the fuck is wrong with all the guys who feel someone is scratching on their "o so holy" Skills by naming a Mod that they don't want to play "ProMode" ... come on! Get real guys! It's just a name and noone forces you to play Promode ...

Promode is Da name to use!
Comment #10 by on 01:04, Friday, 16 June 2000

it'll only happen if we find a better name
Comment #11 by on 01:12, Friday, 16 June 2000
DKRE - it's not a certainty that we will change the name. I'm just offring ppl the chance to make some suggestions. If we see somehting that really rocks then we will change the name. But the entire CPM team will have to feel comfortable about that. If we don't see anything that we think is better than CPM and Promode (which I personally like) - then we won't be changing the name.

Comment #12 by on 02:20, Friday, 16 June 2000
I must admit that my first reaction to hearing the name "Challenge Pro Mode" was "who do these guys think they are to tell everyone else what 'Pro Mode' is?" It's just a defensive gut reaction. After getting over that, I played the mod and loved it. Dropping the name might be a good idea, though, because many others are reacting the same way and some of them aren't getting over it like I did.

I really like Quake 3 Adrenaline, nut there's a problem with it. Quake 3 Arena = Q3A, Quake 3 Adrenaline = Q3A. This is bad. Confusion is bad. Therefore, how about:


I like it!

Comment #13 by on 02:30, Friday, 16 June 2000
>>>Quake3:Fusion //(qw+q2+q3)

I like this one, too, but realistically there's no Quake 2 in the mod (circle jump, double jump...) and very little Quake 3 other than the graphics obviously and the bouncepads, the rail and the plasma gun. (Which, incidentally I'd like to see dropped. There's just something not right about having all these other cool weapons, then throwing in something that Daffy Duck might wield.) The mod is mostly QW influenced, though the designers deny it up and down for some reason. All the cool jumps on the CPM maps are QuakeWorldish, telefragging returns, the weapons are to QuakeWorld specs, etc, etc, etc.

Still, Quake 3 Fusion is a cool name!

challenge arena :)
Comment #14 by on 03:03, Friday, 16 June 2000
thats it bob.. trust me

NAAAAHH!! Here's the name:
Comment #15 by on 03:04, Friday, 16 June 2000
Quake III Tournament (like UT )

Hmm... yea, challenge arena sounds pretty dope..
Comment #16 by on 03:20, Friday, 16 June 2000
I kinda like the sound of that.. Challenge Arena... Q3CA.

Or Challenge.World Arena -nt
Comment #17 by on 03:25, Friday, 16 June 2000

Comment #18 by on 03:27, Friday, 16 June 2000
I had thought sumthing like Extended q3 , but that would amount to (eq) everquest, mortal enemy of fps-ers..
then i thought up: Velocity quake3 , reminding of vanilla..
how's about quake universe, to acknowledge the omnipresent quakeworld factor in PM.
or: Challenge Others Quake. that would be a cool abbrev.
('my COQ playing is more extensive than yours')

To get serious: sumthin like 'quakeworld' had nothing to do with the actual game itself, just a catchy name, yet i feel it was a good one.

To wrap it up: Lava Quake.
Think about it.

Re: Goro (off topic...)
Comment #19 by on 04:03, Friday, 16 June 2000
You can double-jump in CPM... but maybe that was your point? :)

A name suggestion from the CPM team (among other names) is "Challenge Competition Mode".

Comment #20 by on 04:16, Friday, 16 June 2000
This is nonsense imho. Stay with 'Pro-Mode' and don't bow down due to some piss off articles.

Chocolate Q3
Comment #21 by on 04:28, Friday, 16 June 2000
Then Vanilla Q3 won't sound like an attempt to make standard Q3 sound like the mod anymore

Quake3World - the mod reminds me VERY of Quake1.
Comment #22 by on 04:35, Friday, 16 June 2000
I agree that the name "ProMode" isnt suited for the mod, the it looks like thats what all the pro guys play, and thats NOT correct. When im playing it it reminds me Very of Q1/QW , cuz it always ends up with two ppl figthing with the rl and bouncing up and down , and almost none tweaks are taken from q2 ( bah ) , then the most suitable nick would be Quake3World Q3W . The mod is kinda cool tough ! :].
But if i would have changed anything in VQ3 it would be lower mg damage (too like 1 health loosing with one bullet, too avoid mg kills and have the oppurtunity too controle a level, the mg should be a other wep you could take), 105 health in respawn , lower the railgun too like 80 damage , and fixed the respawns so you could never respawn Nearest. :D but thats my oppinion.

Keep it!
Comment #23 by on 06:42, Friday, 16 June 2000
Although I actually had the same feeling as a lot of people about the name implying newbie-ness for the Vanilla Q3-players like me, I think you should keep it....

It's a good, catchy name and everybody knows it by that now...
And there's nothing wrong with a little attitude :)

Quake3World, q3w
Comment #24 by on 07:18, Friday, 16 June 2000
like q1 -> qw

ren *.cpm
Comment #25 by on 07:21, Friday, 16 June 2000
Hoony, Ive always thought that this mod has attracted (by design or not) negative attention simply because of the word "pro" in the name. Im not saying this mod doesnt deserve it etc (the word pro.. not the negative attention heh). But I think you and your team will agree that the mod is now at a level of gameplay that it is really fun for ANY q3a player, from casual to "pro" so why limit this mods "apparent" audience with having it (pro) in the name?

Plus you get rid of all those ppl who stress out over stupid shit such as the word "pro" in a title writing articles like that.

Keep Challenge in the title tho (naturally), and just make the title a variation of Q3A.

Q3:Challenge Arena
Q3:Challenge DM
Q3A:Challenge Mode <-- my pick
Q3A:Challenge Edition <-- not bad, bit'o class over "mode"

And i dont think ppl need to stress over the name if its changed. This mod is known not for its name, but for its gameplay.

Comment #26 by on 07:38, Friday, 16 June 2000
I'd say,

Meridian Quake 3

(meridian as in zenith, highest point,etc...)
because this mode kicks ass!!!

How About..
Comment #27 by on 07:50, Friday, 16 June 2000
How about: Quake 3 Elite ?

Original name
Comment #28 by on 07:53, Friday, 16 June 2000
I like this one best:

'Challenge Pro-Mode w00ps the ass off vanilla Quake III'

But seriously, I think the original name is best...Newbies could start out with VQ3, and then if they've learned the basics of q3 gaming, they could advance to the pro mode...

So maybe Q3: Advanced,
but that name will probably bestow the same shit upon us from the CPM haters as the name promode did...

Let's just keep it pro mode...most people who hate it have never played it, I even reformed some dudes who hated it and now love it, admitting that they hated it but had never played it...

Just call it
Comment #29 by on 08:01, Friday, 16 June 2000
-Quakeworld Gay Fest-

Nostalgica Mode
Comment #30 by on 08:01, Friday, 16 June 2000

let go.

Power Arena?
Comment #31 by on 08:06, Friday, 16 June 2000
Challenge Power Arena (CPA)

or Power-mode
Comment #32 by on 08:08, Friday, 16 June 2000
Challenge Power-mode (CPM)

Comment #33 by on 08:10, Friday, 16 June 2000
Why dont you just call it FunQuake3. Cause playing promode was the first time Q3 was actually a bit fun... or just call it QAwithStyle, but then again, that sounds a bit gay.

Keep it the same
Comment #34 by on 08:12, Friday, 16 June 2000
But maybe we should make sure we qualify it with Challenge whenever we say Promode. It's Challenge's version of what we think pro Q3 should play like as opposed to "this is what the Pro gamers play".

Comment #35 by on 08:58, Friday, 16 June 2000
How about Quake3World, QuakeWorld III or QuakeWorld³ ?

ProMode 0wnz
Comment #36 by on 09:10, Friday, 16 June 2000
Keep the name ProMode !
ProMode 0wnz , and does the name.
Great work , when is the new beta (or full version) coming out ?

:: Ellicit Organization ::

Comment #37 by on 09:22, Friday, 16 June 2000
I'd suggest you keep promode, but in case you want to change it into something else, you might want to consider one of these:
Challenge Mode
Challenge Q3
Quake3 Fusion

name suggestion
Comment #38 by on 10:05, Friday, 16 June 2000
how about "cows like it"

Comment #39 by on 10:15, Friday, 16 June 2000
Quake3World wont work (, you know)
Just "Challenge Mode" could be mistaken for the "Challenge Mod" :/

Changing Name Suxx
Comment #40 by on 10:48, Friday, 16 June 2000
I must say, I don't think we should change the name. It's already like a commonly known trademark. Just because some stupid dickheads who write for sites being totally out of the scene post some lame comments, we shouldn't give a f*ck!

Challenge ProMode just hits the point of the mod.

Challenge Mode is still the best of the suggestions, Challenge Arena being ok, too.
How about just Challenge: Quake.

Quake Arena League
Comment #41 by on 10:53, Friday, 16 June 2000
see title

Quake Arena League
Comment #42 by on 10:54, Friday, 16 June 2000
see title

MoaningAmatureMod??!!??!!?? -Nt
Comment #43 by on 11:04, Friday, 16 June 2000

Quake3World <- I agree with Infamous
Comment #44 by on 11:12, Friday, 16 June 2000

Ghey Mode
Comment #45 by on 11:17, Friday, 16 June 2000
I think that GheyMode works best! yaa

Comment #46 by on 11:20, Friday, 16 June 2000

Actually the Q2 'double-jump' is DEFinitely in the new beta.
And btw it KICKS ASS to have it back =]
trust me.

Comment #47 by on 11:21, Friday, 16 June 2000
This name RuleZZ

Comment #48 by on 11:21, Friday, 16 June 2000

Ghey Mode
Comment #49 by on 11:29, Friday, 16 June 2000
I think that GheyMode works best! yaa

Ghey Mode
Comment #50 by on 11:29, Friday, 16 June 2000
I think that GheyMode works best! yaa

Comment #51 by on 11:33, Friday, 16 June 2000
Ahh it wouldn't be a good thread without Moonshine acting 12. Thx bro!

This one owns!
Comment #52 by on 11:45, Friday, 16 June 2000
"Quake 3: Impulse"

Comment #53 by on 11:56, Friday, 16 June 2000
Prosuck would be a good name , don't ya think so ?

Comment #54 by on 12:01, Friday, 16 June 2000
This name RuleZZ

Comment #55 by on 13:17, Friday, 16 June 2000

Actually the Q2 'double-jump' is DEFinitely in the new beta.
And btw it KICKS ASS to have it back =]
trust me.

Comment #56 by on 13:39, Friday, 16 June 2000
hey i have a better idea

i forgot

Name Suggestions
Comment #57 by on 13:54, Friday, 16 June 2000
Gladiator Quake3
Extreme Arena
Quake3: DeathWalk
Veteran Quake3
BattleHard Quake3

Re: Goro
Comment #58 by on 14:06, Friday, 16 June 2000
>>>Actually the Q2 'double-jump' is DEFinitely in the new >>>beta.
>>>And btw it KICKS ASS to have it back =]
>>>trust me.

Whoa, sweet! Definately "Quake 3 Fusion" then!

Quake III : Battle Arena
Comment #59 by on 14:20, Friday, 16 June 2000

Initials are more powerful than words..
Comment #60 by on 15:01, Friday, 16 June 2000
Sorry dint have much time to read the above comments. No doudt there are intressting. My point, who cares what the full name is?? I cant tell you what OSP means, it's just easy to remeber, sounds good and all. And franquly, so does CPM. And lot's of people know what CPM means. We may be chasing a wolf in woods to fall nose to nose with a bear.. meaning that we be solving a small probleme that generate a larger one. So, stick to CPM. There.


MLM mode
Comment #61 by on 15:51, Friday, 16 June 2000
Moonshine Likes Men Mode
Matador Likes Men Mode

Comment #62 by on 15:53, Friday, 16 June 2000
I still think [9]Mode is the ultimate name to piss people off.

Quake3: Pro Mode .. :>
Comment #63 by on 16:21, Friday, 16 June 2000

Comment #64 by on 19:03, Friday, 16 June 2000
Well, I'd suggest staying with Challenge Pro Mode... because it is after all what the Challenge Network thinks Pro Mode Quake 3 would be like.

Screw all the detractors because they can't handle the implication that they're all newbies. Hell Q3 hasn't been around long enough for anyone to call themselves a veteran Q3 player.

Or you could rename it to The Challenge Project :cool:

All of the names with "arena" in it smell like rip offs or RA3. Same with anything with "fortress" in the name or "capture".

BTW, OSP stands for Orange Smoothie Productions, ie the people that make the OSP mod :o)

So what's it going to be ? Challenge Pro Mode, or The Challenge Project ? :cool:

Comment #65 by on 19:07, Friday, 16 June 2000
Pity these comments dont have smileys in them ;o)

The :cool: smiley on the forums is just that...

Comment #66 by on 21:19, Friday, 16 June 2000
Quake3 Tempo Q3T
Challenge Tempo Mode CTM

(i dunno, just something along the lines of tempo, cuz thats what the mod is doing, changing the tempo of the game :)

Comment #67 by on 21:55, Friday, 16 June 2000
And you guys are gettin heat from folks who dont complain about Q3 being called vanilla?

Comment #68 by on 22:03, Friday, 16 June 2000
Adrenaline Rush

Comment #69 by on 22:34, Friday, 16 June 2000
It was born as ProMode, so ProMode it should stay, no compromise!

Comment #70 by on 22:44, Friday, 16 June 2000
For the record, I still like CPM better.

Do an Intel
Comment #71 by on 23:47, Friday, 16 June 2000
Just call it CPM and deny it's an acronym for anything. ( anyone rememeber MMX? :)

How about...
Comment #72 by on 04:26, Saturday, 17 June 2000
Q3Parena=Q3 Pro Arena
Q3Challenge Arena
CompQuakeArena=Competition Quake Arena
Sheiz...I dunno =/

Comment #73 by on 06:08, Saturday, 17 June 2000

name it "bustanut mode"
Comment #74 by on 08:43, Saturday, 17 June 2000
then i might play it...

Comment #75 by on 08:47, Saturday, 17 June 2000
I dont know where i have it from, i seem to remember it from something here at Challenge. But here it goes.

Quake 3 Sports

or something like that :)

Comment #76 by on 11:38, Saturday, 17 June 2000
I vote for QWA.

Comment #77 by on 13:21, Saturday, 17 June 2000
reading the suggestions, I really was surprised how a more or less well-known quaker like K9-Gheyshine could act like those stupid 10 Year old kids in my neighbourhood. If you don´t have to post something constructive or at least something that makes sense in any way, why dont´t you just let it be?

Proposals I like most:

- Quake3 Challenge Arena
- Challenge Extrem Arena
- Quake3 Challenge Tourney
- Quake3 Impulse Arena (The word Impulse sounds great for such a furios game like Promode)

All of these sound neutral I think, but still point out the challenging aspect of the game.

P.S.: No matter what name it will get in the end, it just is an amazing example of what the platform for competitive gaming should be like. Not only for the next 2 years like Vanilla Q3 will be, but for a much longer period, just improved by better graphik engines. I think that is the biggest advantage CPM has, and none of the ignorants like gheyshine or godsmurf will be able to take that away.
BTW.: my favourite game before CPM was Quake2 not QW. I was really disappointed when Q3A came out, but I LOVE playing CPM, like all of my friends, no matter if they played QW or Quake2 before, or if they are completely(!) new to the internet gaming scene. I just is furious and pure FUN.

Keep the name!!!
Comment #78 by on 16:45, Saturday, 17 June 2000
You should stick to PROMODE cuz the name rocks just like the mod... I don't know why people are talking shit about it, it's not like someone's forcing them to play it, or? Nah, f**k the haters and stick to PROMODE!

Quake3: Challenge Arena
Comment #79 by on 22:24, Saturday, 17 June 2000
only it looks too much like 'clan arena' ( ca )
so go with Quake3:Challenge.World Arena ( CwA )


Quake3 as it should have been ( aiShB )


Comment #80 by on 05:11, Sunday, 18 June 2000
Quake With Flava?

too Comment #78
Comment #81 by on 06:08, Sunday, 18 June 2000
why the ppl react is that the mod is named PROmode, it sounds like all the PRO players play it and the its only the guys who play promode is PRO`s , THATS why ppl react.
Use your brain dumbass .:P

CPM should stay
Comment #82 by on 09:48, Sunday, 18 June 2000
I think you should keep the 'CPM' part, and maybe just change around what it stands for.

Since everyone has a big hissy over the 'pro' part, I suggest a change to something like

Challenge Players Mode - CPM

Why? The people playing it will probably be 'challenge players' both for the website and skill wise . It keeps the CPM part, which means none of the name is lost. The 'pro' part of the name is dropped, and killing that stupid arguement that I have been forced to read 20 million times.

My opinion.

/// xfoo

Xfoo: That was a very good suggestion
Comment #83 by on 10:20, Sunday, 18 June 2000

Comment #84 by on 10:53, Sunday, 18 June 2000
yes, sounds like a good suggestion to me, too. Also the map would´t have to be renamed (cpm1, cpm2, ...)

Comment #85 by on 12:21, Sunday, 18 June 2000

CPM - alternitves
Comment #86 by on 14:14, Sunday, 18 June 2000

"Challenge PremMo"

"Challenge Performance Mod"

"Challenge Proficient Mode"

Or just "CPM"


p.s. no we cant call it "Challenge Phantom Mode", lol

Comment #87 by on 14:54, Sunday, 18 June 2000
Challenge Power Mode

ego mode
Comment #88 by on 17:38, Sunday, 18 June 2000

ego mode
Comment #89 by on 17:39, Sunday, 18 June 2000
nah seriously i reckon just quake3: challenge mode
everyone knows the challenge crew made the game, why not name it after the creators. just a thought.


my suggestion
Comment #90 by on 19:51, Sunday, 18 June 2000
Guru-mode :)

Comment #91 by on 20:38, Sunday, 18 June 2000

Challenge Project (CP)
Challenge-World Project (CWP)

i dunno, i like the 'project' bit, cos thats what it is really, an attempt to make q3 better which may or may not succeed.

if u really wanna keep CPM in their, u could name the maps Challenge Project Map 1 (CPM1) etc :)

Comment #92 by on 20:41, Sunday, 18 June 2000
on a similar theme, how about

'The Gameplay Project' ? (TGP or GP)

or perhaps

'Challenge Gameplay Project' (CGP)

Cos that for me captures the spirit of promode, and at the same time awknoledges that its not perfect and constantly evolving

Comment #93 by on 21:44, Sunday, 18 June 2000
I already suggested Challenge Project and Challenge World Project. However, I do agree that they should find a name that fits CPM.

Why is the new version taking so long to be released? If RA3 is released before it, CPM is doomed.

gotta refer to challenge :)
Comment #94 by on 02:18, Monday, 19 June 2000
Challenge Mode - Challenge Pro - Challenge Q3

Pro mode is also a good name :)

Anything but Pro Mode...
Comment #95 by on 04:50, Monday, 19 June 2000
But I like the sound of Challenge Q3.

Keeps the theme that its a challenge, but loses the 'arrogant' pro only sort of idea that many seem to think of when they hear Pro Mode.

Challenge... something :)
Comment #96 by on 06:01, Monday, 19 June 2000
I think the word "challenge" should definitely be in there.

Challenge Q3
Challenege: Q3
Challenge: Quake 3
Challenge Arena

Something along those lines. "Challenge Q3" has a nice ring to it. :)

Reasons why it should be changed? Hmm. I like the mod but I do think the name should be changed. If for no other reason than for the mod to be given a fair chance by those that currently despise it over the name alone.

I personally had more of a problem with the "mode" part than the "pro" part. "Mode" made it sound as if you were trying to pass it off as an official part of the game (I know that sounds silly but that's how it struck me when it first came out). The fact that John C. had originally talked about adding a pro mode and then ditched it further enforced this impression. He decided it wasn't going to be an official part of the game so it should be left at that. Call this what it is, a "mod" (and a damn good one I might add). Things like this are just a pet peeve of mine and apparently of a lot of other people. To be honest, "pro-mode" never sounded THAT good anyway. I thought it was retarded sounding when JC brought it up. You can definitely come up with something better sounding than that. :)

As for the people calling you elitist and all that, I think that's a bit extreme but on at least some level I see their point. The supporters of this mod DO come off that way at times. It's not too difficult to see how people get the impression that you're bagging on people who play VQ3 as being inferior and that your way is the right way and anybody else's way is wrong. You believe in what you're doing which is cool but, I think you really are alienating a lot of potential fans of the mod.

So, in summary, change the name. I don't think it's going to get a fair chance in the public arena or with competiton organizers unless you do. It might seem very trivial but I think many of those that are against you would finally shutup and take a more serious look at what you're really trying to do without prejudice. Definitely don't keep the name simply to spite your critics. Like I said, it was never that good in the first place. ;)

-some dude

P.S. While I'm ranting, I can't help thinking that spawning with 100 health is a bad thing when COMBINED with stackable armor and backpacks. It just makes me fear losing right in the beginning due to a couple of unlucky spawns. I'd have to play it a lot more to be really sure about it but it just gives me the feeling that the two aren't a good thing together. Backpacks and stackable armor = good. Mixed with 100 health spawning = ass rapage. It just seems like spawning with 125 health (that ticks down, possibly faster than default) in this mod could help prevent a match being lost within the first couple of frags due to a bad spawn (I seem to recall this happening a lot in QW). It at least gives you a fighting chance to run like hell and bulk up a little. Could be wrong but thought I'd throw it out there for consideration. Not EVERYTHING in VQ3 is bad you know. :)


Comment #97 by on 07:39, Monday, 19 June 2000
Call it what you want. ProMode is fine. If you feel like a change anyway, what about:



Why even bother changing the name...
Comment #98 by on 11:58, Monday, 19 June 2000
Promode was created by highlevel players for highlevel players. Pappy proved to all of us that he simply doesn't have the quake skills to realize why certain settings are important. His article was uninformed and unimpressive. I think it would be accurate to say that some of the changes in CPM make quake3 more like quakeworld/quake2. The reason for many of these changes was simply if it wasn't broken, don't fix it. They could have had players spawn with 98 health just to be different. They could have made purple and black armors. The could have done many things to distinguish promode from quakeworld/quake2. Why should they? Most of the people who don't like promode and whose opinions matter to me, don't like it because it is different from VQ3 not because it is like quakeworld. So be it. Maybe we will have two competative leagues VQ3 and CPM, like the old ABA and NBA. I do know that promode takes more effort from me to do well, small things are much more important (like that first shard). Smart and crisp teamwork is important also, the downside of losing level control in CPM is your team gets fragged 30+ times.

Holly words Quaint
Comment #99 by on 12:37, Monday, 19 June 2000
>if it wasn't broken, don't fix it

Most of "it's a QW makeover" people don't understand it.
There are similarities to QW and to Q2 in CPM not because CPM team dont want to let those games die, but because few years of playtesting proved what settings are the best for FPP game, to make it more fun, more challenging and more spectacular. Design team made huge effort to improve the game, thay took what is the best from whole quake series, and added something new after months of playtesting.
I think that with whole responsibility we can call this mod PRO MODE.
I vote for sticking with current name.

Comment #100 by on 13:11, Monday, 19 June 2000
vanilla with sprinkles quake3

Comment #101 by on 15:24, Monday, 19 June 2000
I would suggest:-

Gameplay Optimisation Project

but unfortunately is abbreviates to 'GOP' , so thats out :/

too Comment #81
Comment #102 by on 15:32, Monday, 19 June 2000
Yup, already figured that one out, duh?!? All I'm saying is that noone is forcing people to play it! -Come on, fill this bag with cash,Oh and play promode or I'll shoot you! Nope, that's not how it is...It's not the name that counts anyway, it's what's in it, I consider my self lightyears away from being even close to "pro" but I still think the mod kicks ass. It might as well be reversed, that the "newbies" playing PROMODE start feeling more "pro"...

Call it:
Comment #103 by on 00:55, Tuesday, 20 June 2000
Hyper-hyper Go Quake!

Just stick with Pro Mode!
Comment #104 by on 01:46, Tuesday, 20 June 2000
As u guys's short and sweet.

Comment #105 by on 03:48, Tuesday, 20 June 2000
i just wanted too say that promode doesnt look like q2 AT ALL , its a qw makeover, you guys have tried too take in the double jumping from q2, and failed, but i hear its gonna be better next version?, thats good. But what about weapondrop? ..............its too late now too implant it, but it should have been in from the start , it adds more weapon skills too the game . but that is not what you guys want for tp, nooo tp 4 ever , no skills , except tp skills .
And get a name like quake3world or quakeworld2 :P , something with "world" it fits too the game . And include the map r_tourney8a in the next release , i bet every1 would like that , it reminds me of q1dm4 . :D . Yeah , and get that mod out before its too late , RA3 will rock it if not.

ProMode Suggestions
Comment #106 by on 10:24, Tuesday, 20 June 2000
Names for ProMode -

1. Professional Mode
2. We are Professionals :P Mode
3. Omg, Mode
4. 31337 m0d3
5. ph34r my shizat mode
and finally

6. ProMosexual

Sport Quake
Comment #107 by on 11:37, Tuesday, 20 June 2000

Elite Quake
Comment #108 by on 11:38, Tuesday, 20 June 2000

Turbo Quake
Comment #109 by on 11:38, Tuesday, 20 June 2000

Chain 'em up for the donkey race Quake
Comment #110 by on 11:40, Tuesday, 20 June 2000

Comment #111 by on 15:58, Tuesday, 20 June 2000

Comment #112 by on 15:58, Tuesday, 20 June 2000

I think not.
Comment #113 by on 23:52, Tuesday, 20 June 2000
When carmack originally mentioned the possiblity of a "pro-mode" for Q3, I believe it was purely over the (rather anal) issue of footsteps in or out of the game.

What we have now is something far from what was first conceived by Carmack as a few simple rule adjustments, and has become a blatent qw gamerules remake.

It even inherits all of the shortcomings of the originals. Games... decided on inital spawns..... Gay ass weapon switches for gauntlet script lamers to get to work on, not to mention the fundamental flaws in a system which doesnt force a reload time before the next weapon is switched and readied.

You can't go and mix up the gamerules and fuck with the physics and expect anyone but the most hardcore and vocal minority of quake1 zealots, and members of the dev team (I hope I didnt get these two mixed up) to play and publicise it, especially when these people are so patronising as to tell the vanilla players that what they are doing is wrong and somehow inferior, and that we should all be playing pro-mode. Thats just horseshit and its putting people off in droves.

There is room for both games I suppose, but there is no room for the reoccuring theme in threads of "we are superior and know best because we are pros who play pro-mode." I think infact, that you are all professional school kids.

And I guess as a name, "Go0fyQuAkE" might be a good one :)

And while I'm at it.. baseq3 is NOT vanilla at all, vanilla suggests a boring, regular flavour. I don't see any other games with the personalities, prizes, events and scene that "vanilla" q3 has. I would like to think of it more as Double chocolate chip quake with quadrouple cream and a light, nutty topping.

Quake 3: Challange Mode
Comment #114 by on 22:40, Thursday, 22 June 2000
Quake3:Challange Mode
Quake3:Challange Pro Mode could also work.. but I rather like ith without the "pro" because it doesn't have anything to do with being pro or something. This mod is just another new mod. (Don't compare it with vanillia or q1 or q2 or whatever)

Comment #115 by on 13:05, Friday, 23 June 2000
Comment #100 by swoop on 13:11, Monday, 19 June 2000
vanilla with sprinkles quake3


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