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Map Project
Members of the mapping team have been studying comments generated thus far and will begin building their first project pieces in short order. We've got a decent amount of information to go with. More pointed feedback will come from beta test sessions. Decisions have been made regarding who will be doing what type map.

After reading the comments on the first review piece I've decided to revise the reporting format. I have 3 pieces in the pipe at the moment and expect to have them up near week's end. Thanks to those who left comments on the first piece and in particular to revelation for opening a few eyes on the team with his straight ahead "what's good and what ain't" views.

Map Ideers
Comment by on 15:01, Wednesday, 10 May 2000
It might be too late for this, but here goes anyway.

It has always seemed to me that the best and most classic maps are very simple and easy to understand. For eaxample quake 1's dm6 and dm4 (and even dm2) were extremely simple to understand strategically, but still made the best games. dm6 for example - how much simpler can you get? This also made games alot easier to watch, especially to newbies. Compare that to q3dm13, which is great fun to play, but not a whole lot of fun to watch a demo of. q2dm1 also falls into this category.

Aside from that, other things that make a map good are:

- in the simplicity vein, good maps have areas where you can *almost* see all the rest of the map, or at least the entrances to all the rest of the map. Observe all the maps above.

- Have areas where the only two ways out can be covered with out much movement. In the classic maps, this made it so you could trap someone by only covering two routes, which is very easy to understand, plus its great to watch a predator smoke someone out of a position, or rush in to have his prey escape out the other side (example: all of dm4).

-resources are distributed in a way that superior strategy can win over superior tactics. i.e.,controlling resources ("thinking") can beat someone with superior aim who just runs around the map. (Unless of course someone's aim sucks in the first place)

- many real good maps like the ones above appear to have two key areas of the map - a strong side with armor and a weapon, and a weak side with a health powerup and the same weapon, but also the position of the health putting the weak-side player in a vulnerable position (ala the dm6 mh, dm4 mh, dm2 mh by the gl)

- having key weapons and resources in places where you can "trap" an opponent and pin him in when he goes for them is very cool, like the position of the ra on dm4, or the RLs in dm2 (one in the open ("Should I get it ?!") and one in a little hole up high)

- oh, and quad sucks. and sorry, but the rail can be a real excitement-killer. Grenades are cool.

Of course, my opinions may depend on the q1 weapon system with weapon-stay or 30 second spawns. The q3 wrinkle of 5 second weapons plus little ammo may call for different styles.... blah

Comment by on 13:37, Tuesday, 20 June 2000
q2dm1 was one of the coolest maps ttoo wacth fights on ,ever1 had different tactics and only a few could do amazing jumps, and how fast every1 is. Go watch some shub demo , damn rail monkey ..:D
and btw, quad REALLY/ sux

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